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Boomer Or Zoomer? Zoomers Are Boomers Enjoying the Fountain of Youth

Baby Boomers – those people born between 1946 and 1964, 1 in 4 Americans – can spend their senior years in the best of physical, emotional, and mental health – as ZOOMERS, a phrase coined by Dr. David Demko, a gerontologist.

A Z-O-O-M-E-R is a “Boomer with Zip”

The operational definition of ZOOMER is contrary to the traditional concept of an elderly person in American society – the sickly, pill-packing, physically and mentally-challenged, dependent person.

Dr. Demko defines the Boomer or Zoomer attitude based on his research. His definition of a ZOOMER is a boomer who (the doctor’s points are summarized):

* Understands the Aging Process

* Practices Preventive Healthcare

* Consumes an Individually Customized Healthy Diet

* Performs Daily Exercise

* Maintains a Strong Social Support System

* Possesses a Positive Self-Image

* Enjoys the Results of Sound Retirement Planning

Enjoying the Fountain of Youth

The implied contention is that boomers who meet the above criteria have a better chance of enjoying their later years. They may even experience the “fountain of youth.”

The Doctor’s News Is Encouraging

To those of us approaching our senior years, discussions of aging inserting the term “fountain of youth” are encouraging. But (there’s ALWAYS a naysayer), when you look at the criteria spelled out above, you may wonder just how many boomers can actually reach ZOOMER status.

Sorry, But What About Financial Resources?

In a depressed economy, is it easy for boomers with financial issues to “practice preventive health care” or “enjoy the results of sound retirement planning?” We all know that stress is at the top of the list of killer diseases.

It is both sad and stressful that living life to its fullest in our senior years may be based on our financial status – AGAIN!

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