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Dermal Fillers To Rectify Deep Dark Hollows Under The Eyes

The first time you look at someone, the first feature that you notice, is their eyes. As well as being the windows to the soul, the eyes are also the windows to, well, your age. In fact, studies have shown that when we ask strangers to judge the age of a person, the eye area is one of the biggest influences.

Deep dark hollows under the eyes are so ageing and leave you looking like you haven’t slept in weeks, so we consider lots of things to try to keep our eyes looking youthful. To help to camouflage ageing we use creams, concealers, serums, cucumber slices and even used tea-bags! But no amount of eye creams are going to help with hollows or dark shadows, usually make up is the only thing that will disguise them, and this is generally not an option for most men!

As we age, one of the changes we can expect to notice are the dark circles and deepening of the hollows below your eyes. The Naso-Jugal groove also known as the Tear Trough appear due to the thinning of the overlying skin and soft tissue over the bony orbital rim. These changes happen because of the ageing process, genetics and by sun damage.

Tear troughs run from the nose side of each eye in an arc under the lower eyelid. Most people complain of a tired looking appearance due to the darkness caused by the shadow. Troughs occur through loss of volume in the tissue under the eye and above the cheek, and when we’re tired or dehydrated they often seem worse in appearance.

Dermal fillers are a good way to treat this condition. Filler treatment involves injecting filler into the under eye area and this fills out the hollows and lines under the eyes. Teosyl Redensity II is a hylauronic acid based filler, which is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and it causes less swelling, which is a bonus when treating this delicate area. It also has light reflecting technology which helps to mask the dark circles under the eyes.

To minimise any discomfort you may experience a topical anaesthetic cream gets applied to the lower eyelid area about 20 minutes before treatment starts which will numb the skin and ease any pain. The treatment takes twenty to thirty minutes to complete and the results are instant. There is minimal downtime, although you might experience a little bruising as the skin under the eye is very delicate. Teosyl Redensity II will rejuvenate tired looking eyes to create a more youthful appearance that lasts up to twelve months.

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