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Do Facial Exercises Work? Check Out How Facial Exercise Can Help You Stay Beautiful

Maybe you are wondering, do facial exercises work? There have been a lot of written articles about it telling their advantages and disadvantages, but there are lots of testimonials that facial exercises work and many believe its function. So, do you think this is enough? The person’s experiences are enough to tell if a certain thing is effective or not.

Our face, aside from our tummy is one superficial part that we constantly take care of. Our face reflects a lot of emotions from deep sorrow, happiness and euphoria. Our face will also reflect as to who we are as a person. This has always been considered as essential to the person’s body because our face consists of the eyes for the sense of sight, our nose for the sense of smell, our mouth, teeth and tongue for eating, tasting and digestion as the teeth grinds the food primarily to get ready for digestion. Our lips can say a thousand words. Our eyebrows and eye lashes too protect our eyes from any foreign material and dust. You see, there are a lot of functions our face as a whole can give. Our face can say a thousand words and physical attraction starts with it. As being said earlier, our face is one part of the body that we treasure, preserve and enhance. Beauty wise, there are a lot of cosmetic products available now in the market to give more glow to the face, from blush on, concealer, eye shadows to lipsticks. As few only know it, exercising our face can also be very beneficial for our health and wellness. It is something beyond make-ups.

It is known to us that as we age, our face will become saggy and shapeless. Our jaw will never be emphasized anymore; our prominent cheeks will not as well be obvious that even putting some blush on cannot help; and the truth is, we will not be as beautiful when we were on our 20’s. As such, facial exercises can help you at some point delay the aging of the face and make it more firm and healthy. If you want to know more about its benefits, read more.

  • Facial exercises are used to stimulate and promote blood flow and circulation, thus relieving tension, and improve the overall appearance of your face.
  • Facial exercises fights aging by promoting a smooth and wrinkle free skin.
  • As facial muscles loose firmness during aging, the facial exercise will help you tone the facial muscles.
  • Facial exercise helps you achieve an anti-aging, youthful, and wrinkle free face.
  • Facial exercises do not take much of your time and they are proven cost-effective which helps in achieving healthy and glowing skin.

So, do facial exercises work? Why don’t you try below and see for yourself.

Facial Exercises is not done as a whole, it is done part by part to ensure its effectiveness:


You do this by placing your index fingers just above each eye and then while you are raising your eyebrows, pull down your eyes gently.

By doing this one part of facial exercise, you are firming your forehead. As such, repeat this exercise for ten times or as long as you want to do more.


As comfortable as you want, sit with your eyes closed and relaxed. While you are keeping your eyes slightly closed, slowly look down and look up as far as you can possibly do. Repeat this exercise for ten to fifteen times or so.

For your eyebrows, you can do a sitting position with back straight. Your eyes must be closed and relaxed, and as you slowly lift your eyebrows, stretch your eyelids down as far as possible while keeping your eyes closed. Keep in this position as possible for ten counts, stay relax and repeat it for ten times as long as tolerated.


First of all, you have to ensure that your fingers are clean. Once you are done cleaning your finger, with your lips, suck on your finger as hard as possible and slowly remove it away from the lips while sucking. It is just so easy, right? Now, repeat this exercise for ten times or more as long as you can tolerate. This facial exercise can help firm your lips.


With the use of your three center fingers, place them on the cheeks and push them down as hard as you can, and at the same time, raise your cheeks by smiling against the push from your fingers. You should note that head must be kept back while performing this procedure.


By exercising your neck, sit straight and as much as possible; tilt your head back looking at the ceiling. Your lips must be closed and relaxed. Slowly, move your lower lip over your top lip as far as possible. Hold in such positions and count for ten. Relax and repeat the steps again for ten times.

Double Chin

Just as the neck, sit straight in a chair and tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and relaxed too. This time, make your lips round or make your lips pout, count until twenty and relax. Move your head back to the normal and starting position. Repeat the steps as long as you can.

After every facial exercise, it is but a must to relax facial muscles. Want to know? Here’s how:

  • Open your lips and mouths as wide as they can be, now feel your chin, cheeks, and lips being stretched to their limit. Hold such position as if smiling for 10 counts, release and then repeat. This exercise can help relax your facial muscle plus it improves and helps to increase blood circulation, thus relieves tension and stress.
  • Inhale deeply at once and exhale forcefully opening your mouth wide (huhhhhhh..) and move your tongue out as far as it will go. Open your eyes and look up with head kept at its position. Doing this can help relieve tension in the face and throat, improves also circulation and stimulates the eyes as you looked up.
  • Pinch your cheeks by taking fats from it by your hands and squeeze gently. It improves blood circulation.

How do facial exercises work depend on how the person performs it and how often he is performing it. More so, including some beauty strategies and healthy tips on facial exercise can hit two targets: Health and Beauty.

  • Moisturize your skin always before going to sleep.
  • Before leaving the house, don’t forget to use a high SPF sunscreen to protect you from sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays.
  • Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • No to smoking because it will give you wrinkles in advance; you facial exercise will no longer useful.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin and body.
  • Do not consume too much alcohol as it will cause your body to dehydrate.
  • Have plenty of sleep, at least 6-8 hours in 24 hours.
  • Go and get some sweat to get rid of fats and double chins.
  • Don’t forget to smile and say goodbye to stress!

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