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Female Orgasm Tips – 6 Tips To Enhance The Female Orgasm

If you're a man and you want to know the secrets to enhancing female sexual pleasure or you are a woman interested in learning more about her own orgasm, the following tips will give you a glimpse into the world of the female orgasm.

6 Tips To Enhance the Female Orgasm

1. Relaxation: According to some studies on orgasm, the key element to a woman's sexual arousal is a lack of anxiety and relaxation, with genital stimulation playing a less important role. Sex and adrenaline just do not mix very well. A woman needs to feel relaxed and at ease if she is to experience greater sexual pleasure. Meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga and exercise can be extremely beneficial to helping enhance a woman's sex life.

2. Deep Breathing: In our fast- paced lives, we sometimes forget about stopping to pay attention to our breath. Deep abdominal breathing is not only important for our physical health, but it can also help women achieve orgasm more easily. Women often stop the flow of breath and tense up their muscles before they orgasm, which stifles orgasm. When a woman breathes deeply, she draws in more oxygen into her muscles, increasing blood flow to her genitals, giving her more intense and explosive orgasms

3. Pelvic Floor Exercises: Strong pelvic floor muscles are essential to enhancing the female orgasm. Exercising the pelvic muscles can help bring more strength into the vaginal muscle and increase sensations around the entire genital region. They can also help control and amplify a woman's sexual response, as well as prevent urinary incontinence. To practice pelvic floor exercises, simply squeeze down as though you are stopping the flow of urine for the count of 10 and slowly release, repeating the process in sets of 10.

4. Cultivate Sexual Energy: Cultivating sexual energy can help reawaken a dormant sexual desire. To cultivate sexual energy, requires bringing yourself or your partner to the peak of orgasm and stopping before reaching climax. The process is repeated for several consecutive days.

5. Vibrator-Use: I used to love my vibrators. They could make me orgasm in a matter of seconds, but gradually seconds became minutes and minutes turned into hours. Unfortunately, we live in such a high stimulation society, that we grow numb to it and have to constantly seek that next big rush. For me, it took discovering that I no longer responded to my partner's touch, to finally break my habit of using a vibrator. Fortunately, my body did regain a natural sensitivity to human touch and I have not used vibrators since. And that in and of itself has brought a deeper intimacy with my relationship.

6. Tantric Sex: Tantra can bring a new and intense flavor to any intimate relationship. It can deepen our connection to our lover. It can help us heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Moreover it can enhance a woman's ability to feel sensual and sexual pleasure. There are many tantric sex techniques that do not require any complex sexual positions. Some of the techniques are so simple, such as learning proper breathing, eye-gazing with your lover, moving sexual energy through your body, connecting your heart to sex etc .. Women in particular because they are more emotional by nature experience a deep sense of fulfillment from tantric sex, especially if they feel a lack of intimacy in their relationship.

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