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Five Superfoods You Must Add To Your Paleo Diet Grocery List

One of the immense advantages of a great paleo diet grocery list is the fact that all of the foods on it are paleo approved and healthy by definition. As you may be aware already the paleo diet is modeled after what humans used to eat during the Paleolithic era. During that time period there were no processed foods, everything was as natural as it could get and humans would not experience any of the chronic nutrition triggered ailments that are so common nowadays. This is proven by studies that were carried out in cooperation between archeologists, modern day nutritionists and health professionals.

Before I first went on the paleo diet myself I was skeptical and doubted that it would have the effects that it does. But one year into it I have come such a long way that I decided to start my own blog on the diet and spread the good news so that many more people may enjoy the long term health benefits of being on this diet. In this article I am going to introduce five foods that are essential to a balanced paleo diet to you.

The first one is salmon. Salmon is often mentioned as one of the healthiest foods on the planet. You must however make a distinction between organically farmed salmon and the mass produced salmon that is widely available today. The latter often times contains harmful substances, while organic salmon is truly one of the most healthy foods. Organic salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to your cardiovascular health. This type of fish also contains high quality protein and a high amino acid content that is very important for cell renewal and muscle growth. While some people believe that salmon is a fat food, the truth is that salmon actually helps burn fat.

The second super food I will introduce to you is coconut oil. Coconut oil should be on everybody’s paleo diet grocery list. It is literally one of the most powerful health foods contributing to hair care, skin care, a healthy level of cholesterol, weight loss, proper digestion as well as a boosted immune system. Many people are unaware that coconut oil is a lot healthier to cook with than ordinary vegetable oils that are available in supermarkets. Not only does it not do harm, it actually contributes to your health in a considerable way. This is a must have!

The third food on my paleo diet grocery list that I will introduce to you is blueberries. Blueberries may not be as popular as strawberries. As a matter of fact many people have never tried blueberries in their life because they are lesser known and usually less available than other well known berries. But what all of these people miss is that blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits! Yes you read that right. Blueberries boost your immune system by trapping free radicals within your body that would otherwise contribute to damaging cellular structure as well as DNA. They are one of the most powerful anti aging foods available.

The fourth paleo diet superfood that is an absolute must have is the artichoke and particularly the artichoke heart. The benefits of this vegetable include a rich amount of antioxidants just like can be found in the above mentioned paleo blueberries. Additionally artichoke hearts contain high amounts of fiber such as inulin which supports your intestinal health by increasing the growth of beneficial bacteria. Artichoke hearts are healthy for everybody, but if you do suffer from gallbladder issues please avoid artichoke leaves and only eat the artichoke hearts.

The fifth and last must have food for your paleo diet grocery list is parsley. Parsley is often referred to as the anti-cancer herb. It is very rich in antioxidants like beta-carotine, quercetin and vitamin C and also contains highly beneficial flavonoids. Parsley reduces risk of pancreatic cancer, leukemia, cervical as well as ovarian cancer. The apigenin inside of parsley is also known to inhibit cancer cell proliferation, exhibiting strong anti tumor characteristics. This superfood is also a very rich source of minerals including magnesium, fluoride (dental health), boron as well as calcium. All of these support a healthy bone and skeletal structure and prevent ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

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