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Five Things You MUST KNOW Before Piercing Your Belly Button

Belly button rings (navel rings) are common and very fashionable with today’s youth. Here are some important things to consider before getting your belly button or navel pierced.

It is a lifetime commitment. And you will always need to wear a ring or the piercing will grow back within a few days. If you decide you don’t want the piercing anymore, you can take the ring out and let it grow back. If you do this, it will most likely scar the majority of the time. Depending on the scar you may not be able to pierce it again.

Belly rings are not cheap. They are approximately $20 in the mall and $10 if you order online. High quality navel rings can be much more expensive.

A piercing will need maintenance. During healing, which lasts at least 3 months, the piercing will need to be cleaned often. Anytime you change out your belly button ring, you will need to sterilize the ring and wash the piercing. You can have infections even after the piercing is healed. Some people who get infections easily can only wear rings made of certain materials, such as silver.

It does hurt – Yes, it hurts to get a piercing. The pain usually only lasts a few hours. The pain level depends on your tolerance. It can be manageable with over the counter pain killers. While it is healing you may experience some pain for instance if your clothing rubs against it.

You will LOVE it! After reading this, if you still want your belly button pierced, it can definitely be worth your while and you will benefit from it. You will enjoy picking out your new belly button rings.

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