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Healing Superfood – Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Chinese Medicine

Healing Super Fruits: Wolfberry Herb of longevity

Why are we so drawn to ancient Chinese Medicine? Because their ancient wisdom is not only relevant in our fast paced, technologically advanced world but these concepts can have a dramatic positive impact on our health. Chinese medicine uses foods for healing and seeks to keep their bodies and lives in balance using Yin and Yang. In contrast, here in the United States as well as in Canada we prescribe more drugs and ingest more vitamin and mineral supplements on average… per person than any-other-educated-population in the world. Yet, 90% of us will still die from a PREVENTABLE disease!

The Chinese have used this sweet orange berry for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years! It is oblong in shape and is very sweet. The Chinese value the wolfberry as a national treasure. It is also called the Goji berry, the squawberry, the boxthorn, the desert boxthorn, and the “matrimony vine fruit”.

The wolfberry is a highly nutritious plant. This superfood contains 21 trace minerals, and has a very high vitamin C content coming in second to Camu Camu. Wolfberry also has an abundant amount of vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, and iron.

And if you are not yet impressed this superfood is also 11-13% protein!

Wolfberry contains 19 amino acids, 8 of these acids are absolutely essential for life. This superfood also contains essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid, used for treating problems with inflammation and auto-immune diseases.

Studies show the wolfberry to be beneficial in promoting longevity, protecting the liver, improving vision, and helping to prevent cancer. This superfood is also believed to nourish the blood and is good for overall cardiovascular health. Wolfberry is also exceptional for anti-aging.

Wolfberry juice, in particular, acts much like a search and destroy mission, it scavenges and neutralizes superoxide free radicals. This is critical as free radicals create the seed for disease and illness in our bodies.

Be sure when you purchase fruit juice products they use the whole fruit this includes the skin, and the pulp. Most juices are watered down, sweetened, and clarified which removes and dilutes most of the very nutrients you think your getting. Don’t waste your money on these products.

You can purchase this berry in dried form, juice, and powder.

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