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How to French Braid Hair – Top 3 French Braid Problems

If you know how to french braid hair, no doubt you have run across some difficulties. Maybe you have problems braiding hair by yourself. Some women find it difficult to know how their hair is turning out if they can not see it. Also, different hair thicknesses and coarseness lend their unique difficulties. All women are different, but I have noticed by talking to friends and from the emails I have received over the years that there are basically 3 main problems ladies run across.

Let’s look at the 3 most common complaints we women have with French Braids.

1 – Getting the braids tight when dealing with fine hair

Amanda wrote to me recently, “My biggest problem is when crossing the strands. I find it hard to stay tight. With my ultra fine hair, crossing under the middle strand, or Dutch braiding, locks my hair into the braid, and it feels tight, but when I am done, it is just a little loose.” This can be alleviated using a particular french braiding tool that is readily available, but you must get the right tool for your hair’s thickness.

2 – Getting the braids even in the back when braiding your own hair

Aleria recently asked me, “How do you stop it from getting all loose and icky looking (her words exactly!) once you get to the back? Mine always looks fine on the top and just over the bump, but once I start going vertical it looks terrible.” It is very difficult to braid tightly and evenly further away from the base of the hair. Getting a friend to help is a great way to alleviate this problem, but a partner is not always available, and do you really want your husband/boyfriend to help?

3 – Adding layers to a plain french braid

A very good friend of mine said, “I first learned how to french braid hair when I was 16 in track. I only know two styles. I don’t know what they are called maybe an outside and inside french braid? Anyhow, the only question I have is how to get your layers into the braid?! I still struggle with this one.” She is not the only one who struggles with some of the more complex, intricate designs.

If you are learning how to french braid hair, these are some of the common problems you may have run into.

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