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How To Super-Charge Your Sex Drive

Warning: If you are looking for information about supplements or creams that will increase your sex drive, don’t bother reading this article. This article is written for men and women who take responsibility for themselves and their life results. I am going to give you the purest, no BS answers to the question: “Why do I suffer from low sex drive?”

As humans, we are sexual beings. Mother Nature designed us with a mechanism that screams ‘Procreate, so that the species will survive!!!’ I call this your Primal Urge.

‘So what do I do if my Primal Urge sucks?’

De-Stress – You may think that you don’t have much stress, but I encourage you to read on! First in order of de-stressing your physiology for improved sex drive, is that your most primal needs must be met! Safety, Security and Sustenance must all be established.

If your body-mind is busy worrying about your safety, your security and sustenance there will not be enough energy left over for increasing your sex drive. Also, Nature knows that if you are in danger (fight or flight), insecure, and cannot sustain yourself then you should not procreate or create another.

‘So, Elliott… what’s the big deal – I have food and shelter, I’m safe and secure, why does my sex drive still suck?’

Are You Really? Well, let’s take a look at how safe, secure and sustained you truly are.

Although you have ‘food’ (notice the quotes – 90% of the food bought in American supermarkets are processed, devitalitzed garbage) and shelter, do you really feel safe and secure? If you have been paying attention to the television (you know, that black box that ‘educates’ 90% of Americans) then you are NOT safe, secure and you CAN NOT sustain yourself.

First of all, you can’t even afford the Jaguar / BMW that you MUST have in order

to be considered socially acceptable… because of this you have no ‘Primal Association’ – You don’t belong, you are not secure! This is the insidious, subconscious message that you are receiving 60+ times a day.

Is your security system working? it better be, because there is a guy wearing a black winter cap looking through your window right now. Also, don’t you know that the ‘Terror Alert’ is ORANGE! This means that some crazy religious martyr may drive a truck full of explosives into your living room! YOU ARE NOT SAFE. (Obviously I am being sarcastic).

And forget about sustenance – ask yourself if the last meal you ate was really food. As I mentioned earlier, 90% of the ‘food’ consumed in the US is processed…. It is not food! Chances are that – YOU ARE malnourished.

I know that I am ranting, but I want you to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg… Understand that unless you are TRULY safe, secure and are providing your body with true sustenance, you will have a sucky sex drive.

A few quick tips for de-stressing and boosting your sex drive:

1. Eat Real Food – if your ancestors 10,000 years ago did not eat it… neither should you.

2. Get To Bed No Later Than 10:30 pm – this will balance your autonomic nervous system in such a way that you will begin to secrete more Testosterone, Growth Hormone and DHEA… all great for increased sex drive.

3. Meditate / Quite Time – by giving your mind a rest for 20 minutes a day, you not only lower your sympathetic response (fight or flight) by you will increase your ability to get and maintain erections!

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