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Look Younger by Eating Healthier Foods

Wrinkles are for some people a typical sign of aging even though folks like you and me are attempt to prevent that from happening by using every lotion, potion and cream we can get our paws on to battle wrinkles, firm up loose skin and clear up our complexion.

Sadly it appears there is no magical age for wanting to look younger. Thirty-year olds want to look 20 while forty-somethings wish to be 30. Everyone over 50 thinks those in their 30’s and 40’s are dense and should be glad to look their age. It’s truly a never-ending cycle when you’re trying to fight nature and its plans to age you and your skin.

Numerous health and skincare experts preach wholesome eating as a way to slow the aging process. But can you actually look 10 years younger just by varying your eating habits?

Inflammation is a factor in many ailments and the aging of your skin is no exception. When cellular inflammation occurs, certain collagen-destroying chemicals are released. Collagen is the element that gives skin its elasticity and keeps it flexible. As you can imagine, when it becomes dilapidated your skin will start to look older.

Several factors can cause inflammation to occur including pollution, overexposure to the sun as well as inadequate dietary habits. As you might have ventured, we’re going to survey a few of the foods that can help you look younger for years to come.

Foods To Help Prevent Wrinkles

1. Protein sources such as poultry, eggs, beef and fish furnish amino acids which are essential for cellular repair. By including enough protein in your diet, you’ll enable your body to keep collagen cells secure which leads to healthier skin.

For an added protein bonus, try to include plenty of fatty fish. Salmon in particular provides fundamental fatty acids, or EFAs which are great anti-inflammatories. Fish also contains DMAE – dimethylaminoethanol – which helps keep skin damage from free radicals. Fish oil capsules or flaxseed oil can be replaced if you don’t like fish.

2. Veggies, especially the dark green assortment hold powerful antioxidants that help to stop inflammation. Indulge with large green salads whenever you can.

3. As long as you’re eating salads, you might as well use olive oil in the dressing. Olive oil is a natural source of stacks of anti-oxidants.

4. One of the healthiest fruit choices you can make is berries – pick from blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries. They’re filled of collagen-protecting properties, eat them every day if you can.

5. Water is without a doubt your best friend in fighting off signs of old age. So drink more water!

All of these tips will help you maintain the healthy skin that you already have for years to come. It’s a lot easier to maintain firm healthy skin than it is to try and repair it once it’s already been damaged.

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