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Love Botox For Wrinkles But Can’t Afford It? Try These Alternatives

Many people and especially people in show business have relied on botox cosmetic injections to keep crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles at bay.

In fact, a new report came out a few years ago stating that botox customers are getting younger and younger. One plastic surgeon in California reported that some of his botox clients – who are in either show business or modeling/acting profession – are as young as 30 years of age!!

The truth of the matter is botox is effective, quick, fairly painless, fast acting, and requires no down-time – hence the term “Lunch Time Face Lift”… So there is just one Caveat…

The Cost!

It’s still way too expensive to maintain every three -six months for most working folks like us.

But the good news is that many cosmetic companies have researchers working around the clock to come up with a topical solution to this multi-billion dollar industry. And they are making some great strides…

One of the earlier botox cream alternative products was Avotone – which is still up there in terms of effectiveness. Another one is Strivectin or as some people spell it Strivecton.

They call it “better than botox” – but it’s really called Strivecten-SD, which I’m told is not as effective as Avotone and does not contain all of the ingredients that researchers have found to be effective.

So What Makes A Good Botox Cream and How Does It work?

Basically all of these creams contain certain amino acid peptides that help to weaken the muscles that contract – thereby reducing the formation of a wrinkle or fold. When these creams are applied to problem areas they help to flatten out crow’s feet around the eyes and smooth worry lines on the forehead.

When looking for a botox cream alternative make sure it contains an essential amino acid peptide called Argireline. This ingredient helps to block the nerve signals that control the contraction of facial muscles.

The result produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of fine lines. The 2002 International Journal of Cosmetic Science reported that when a topical cream containing 10% argireline was applied to volunteers, the reduction in wrinkle depth was up to 30% after only 30 days of treatment.

That’s pretty impressive.

The other ingredient a botox alternative product should contain is Matrixyl.

Research showed that a cream containing only 3% Matrixyl temporarily produces “a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles” —- and deep wrinkles were reduced by a mean of 68%

A Newer and Much More Effective Botox Cream

Now there is a new “kid on the block” and this product looks pretty promising. This product contains both of the ingredients mentioned above in addition to two more peptides – just discovered – which increases the effectiveness of the product.

Also, it contains antioxidants like vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, and DMAE. Plus it can be used on the whole face and throat — for a total face and neck wrinkle control. It’s called AlphaDermaCE.

Results Are Only Permanent

Keep in mind that botox cream alternatives are only a temporary solution. You should always strive to help reverse skin aging by employing skin rejuvenating techniques as I’ve outline in my website.

Always continue to use collagen building creams such as copper peptides and exfoliating acids like lactic acid or salicylic acid — to help shed old dead skin as you rebuild new cells.

Also, consider face exercise and massages along with skin needling…For more information see below…

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