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Low GI Diet – How to Put it Into Practice

The low glycemic index (low GI) diet is an easy and effective way to combat wrinkles. The food in this diet consists of simple carbohydrates that slowly raise blood sugar levels. This means that glucose levels in the body remain low keeping insulin and glycation rates down. It is the advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that are attributed to the appearance of wrinkles because it interferes with the ability of the collagen and elastin in your skin to stretch.

Because this diet controls both insulin and glucose levels, is also is beneficial to those suffering from diabetes and heart disease. A recent study has also found the low GI diet to be an effective acne treatment showing an improvement of more than fifty percent. This diet is also highly preferred because the food you consume while using the diet plan is found in local grocery stores and is similar to the typical western diet. How do you put this anti aging diet into practice? Let’s find out now.

The meats included in the low GI diet must be lean and need to be prepared with healthy methods. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids put fish at the top of the list. Other meats such as beef and pork are perfectly acceptable as well so long as they are very lean. Milk, cheese, eggs and other associated products are included in the low GI diet as well. To increase your protein levels, lentils, beans, and seeds are a great additions to your meals.

Fruit and vegetables make up a large part of the low GI diet. Although fresh is preferred because of its higher nutrient value, frozen, dried, and even canned are perfectly acceptable. For desert, yogurt and ice cream are included in the diet too. The trick to using these while on the diet is to select low fat or no fat varieties. Chocolates and other sweet treats are considered low GI foods as well, but you need to exercise caution since consuming too much of these foods can be very unhealthy.

The low GI diet allows room to add variety to your food and create great tasting meals. For cooking, olive, flaxseed, or canola oils are rated on the lower half of the GI scale. If you are looking to add some condiments, try things like lemon juice or chili sauce. Spices are also allowed in the low GI diet particularly if they are fresh. To keep your meals healthy, be sure to use methods such as steaming, grilling, or poaching that do not remove too many nutrients or add unhealthy oils. For drinks, you will want to stick to things such as juice and water to avoid preservatives, caffeine, and super refined sugars like maltrose.

So there you go.

The low GI diet is an easy diet to follow and allows for a wide variety of foods. These foods can be matched together to make wonderful meals like stir-fries and lasagna. This makes it relatively simple to integrate into their daily life although it may take a short time to become adapted to the program. Some people find the diet so wonderful to follow that they incorporate it into their lifestyle permanently. This way, they can enjoy wrinkle fee skin and all of the other health benefits associated with the low GI diet.

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