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Pros and Cons of Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Human Growth Hormones, also popularly known as the acronym HGH, is one of the most important hormones found in the human body. Responsible for the proper growth of the human body, the lack or absence of this hormone on someone’s body can have some serious consequences for both the young and old. This is why hormonal supplements are often incorporated to people who have a lack of HGH. However, as we all know, this treatment, just like any other hormone treatment, is not perfect. And when not used properly, it could result into some very serious complications. In this article, you are going to discover the pros and cons of using Human Growth Hormones as a form of treatment.

Of course, practically all the pros on the use of HGH lie on its functional abilities. Incorporating HGH to people who lack the production of Human Growth Hormone provides these patients the opportunity to grow normally. In fact, this treatment is super effective as most patients have recorded rapid normal growth almost immediately after treatment commences. And with consistent treatment, continued normal growth is observed. But the benefits are not limited to those with HGH deficiency.

It is a fact that Human Growth Hormone production, which is at its peak during a person’s younger years, starts to tail off, resulting in declining physical appearance and performance as the person grows older. By undergoing HGH treatment, it allows the person to regain the conditioning he/she has when he/she was younger. Among the benefits include increased bone density, muscle mass, hair growth, as well as improvements in cardiovascular health and immune system. Finally, overall vitality is improved. This has led people to think that using HGH has anti-aging properties. And as a result, more people want to get their hands on this hormone.

However, there are also cons in the use of HGH. First and foremost, availing of HGH treatments can be quite an expensive experience. This is mainly because the techniques used to produce HGH, particularly recombination, can be quite difficult. As a result, it is expected for people to spend 10,000 to 30,000 dollars annually to have a full HGH therapy.

In addition to that, there are risks involved in having too much Human Growth Hormones in the body. First of them is the presence of pituitary gigantism. The direct opposite of dwarfism because of lack of HGH, pituitary gigantism is reflected by the person being too tall, being overweight, or both. Type II diabetes is also observed on people with so much HGH. And on severe cases, the pituitary gland can get damaged, resulting into a pituitary tumor that can proceed to develop into a potentially deadly situation. This is why alternative treatments such as HGH precursors have emerged on the market.

Used in the right amounts and in the right conditions, treatments using the Human Growth Hormones can save a life. As long as it is taken with discretion and according to physical limits, emergence of health problems should never be a problem.

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