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Removing Age Spots – Which Treatment is Best?

Removing age spots seems quite a popular theme of skin care treatment. Age spot removal especially on the features such as the face is something that people will pay a lot of money for as, let's face it, it is the most noticeable place that they can be.

Another area where age spots seem to be very prominent is on the back of the hands and that is one of the places where they seem to appear first. Besides looking at the various types of treatment available for them let's look at why we get them in the first place.

Liver spots appear because that part of our skin has been exposed to sunlight. They are the skin's natural defense against UVA and UVB rays. They are made up of melanin cells that give our skin its pigmentation but as we get older the evenly balanced cells become blotchy.

This process happens by fewer melanin cells being produced and those that have been grow larger so that they appear as blotches of brown leaving light and as we get older translucent skin around them.

There are various types of treatment that can be used and for many of these it is necessary to go to see a skin specialist doctor. One such type of treatment for removing age spots is to have them frozen with dry ice.

This then is left for a few weeks for the new skin to come up to the surface when this happens the old skin containing the age spot is simply peeled off.

Other age spot removal techniques involve using chemical creams with different levels of success.

By far the best age spot removal treatment and the safest that I have come across is by using a natural plant extract that was discovered in Germany as a way of treating inflamed skin.

Almost by accident it was noted that this extract was actually able to lighten the skin by reducing the number of melanocytes naturally giving the skin an even color.

A friend introduced me to a range of anti aging skin care products that contain this special extract and lots of other specialized natural extracts that have the ability to work in harmony with the body in turning the aging clock backwards.

I love using their creams they are so silky smooth and leave the skin looking great and feeling nourished. As well as effectively removing age spots this skin care removes wrinkles by getting the cells to produce more of the structural cells that it loses in the aging process giving your skin a more youthful and healthy glow.

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