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Sagging Skin – Get Rid of it With a Diet That Will Feed Your Face

Want to get rid of loose sagging skin without plastic surgery? Let me tell you how you can. There are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. The ones that are briefly covered in this article include diet, low levels of hyaluronic acid and free radical damage. 

Those are not the only factors that are involved, and the best systems address all of them, but I thought that those three things were about all that I could cover in an article of this length. Let’s start with diet.

Your diet affects every bodily function. The skin’s appearance is simply one of them, because a healthy diet equals healthy skin, and healthy skin looks better. I’m sure that if you are a health-conscious individual, you try to eat right. But are you getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet? 

In a recent study, researchers found that omega-3 supplementation measurably increased firmness by an average of 10% over the course of three months. Of course, 10% isn’t much, but there are many other benefits associated with omega-3 supplementation. If you aren’t taking one, you should be.

The other factors that cause loose sagging skin cannot be addressed through diet alone. But, you can “feed your face” by using nourishing creams on a daily and nightly basis. One of the important ingredients is wakame kelp.

Dermatologists have known for many years that hyaluronic acid levels are lower in aging faces. It is a compound that is partially responsible for the skin’s firmness. It is something like glue that holds the skin’s cells together. In fact, until recently, it was described as “goo”. Now, scientists know that it is a carbohydrate, glucose and amino acid complex.

The old idea to improve the appearance of loose sagging skin was to supplement hyaluronic acid levels by using a cream that contained it. Wakame kelp is an old beauty secret. New data from scientific evaluation has shown that components of the kelp block an enzyme that normally breaks down hyaluronic acid. By blocking the enzyme, levels of the compound begin to rise, naturally, and firmness begins to improve. 

Another of the causes of loose sagging skin is free radical damage. The body’s best defenses against this kind of damage are antioxidants. There are many antioxidants in nature, including vitamin E, A, C and coenzyme Q10, but with each of them, one molecule is required to neutralize one free radical molecule and to prevent it from damaging the cell and the collagen fibers.

A protein extracted from sheep’s wool has been shown to have unique antioxidant activity. One molecule of the protein can neutralize millions of free radicals. The compound also increases the production of new cells and improves moisture content.

In clinical studies, creams containing the protein have been shown to increase firmness by as much as 42% in as little as 18 days. In other words, in less than three weeks, you can start to get rid of loose sagging skin, maybe permanently, without cosmetic surgery. 

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