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Sagging Skin Near Mouth – How to Tighten It


Sagging skin near mouth makes you look tired, haggard, old. That’s why people are running, in droves, to their cosmetic dermatologist to get filler shot in there. Too bad they don’t know you can tighten up on your own, for free. It does take discipline, however. But it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and you don’t have to go back for more shots in a matter of months.


Yes, there is a certain cream that is made to penetrate, unlike most others that don’t get down deep enough. Of course the cream you use that can penetrate is chemical free. This is very important, because you don’t want to invite chemicals into your body. Rich in anti-oxidants, such a cream can do away with free radicals that are making you sag.


This exercise, along with the right cream, will get rid of sagging skin near mouth. Wash your hands. open your mouth and hook your index fingers into the corners of your mouth. Now concentrate on pushing the corners of your mouth closed, while your index fingers resist the pressure. Do this 30 times in the morning and 30 times at night. Eventually work up to 60 times. You will be amazed at how it lifts you.


Every day take a clean dry washcloth and rough up your skin. Just rub, rub, rub as hard as you can. This is a great way to build collagen. A famous dermatologist taught me this one. Keep doing this twice a day, morning and night, and watch the sagging skin near mouth become nice and tight again.


Yes, it’s true. These foods are brimming over with anti-oxidants and they will help your skin look much better, no matter now old you are. Even a cherry popsicle has great anti-oxidants. Be sure to wash your fresh fruits and veggies, though.

Follow these tips and you’re gonna look marvelous, as they say!

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