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Skin Care For Black Men – Treating Hyperpigmentation in Black Men

Smooth, evenly toned skin can be a confidence boost to a man and is always a hit with the ladies but skin care for black men can be difficult – being more prone to getting ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation caused by cuts, razor bumps or pimples means that extra care must be taken to obtain the desired smooth and even skin tone. Men of other races are not exempt from these problems but they do tend to affect black men more. African American skin has more melanin than other skin types and while this provides some benefits like some natural protection from the sun and slower aging, it also means the skin is more prone to developing scars and hyperpigmentation.

Usually, scars and hyperpigmentation caused by cuts, pimples or ingrown hairs fade by themselves but it can take several months and if you are developing new scars as the old ones are healing it will seem as if they never fade.

Two steps can be taken to ease the problem and the first is prevention. Ingrown hairs are caused when the hair does not grow out but curls back over and grows into the skin. Black men are more prone to getting these because the curly hair texture is more likely to get caught under the skin. The follicle can then become infected and form a bump over the hair. It is tempting to use tweezers to pull the hair out but often this can cause more irritation and a dark mark or scar will be left behind after the hair is out.

Follow these tips to minimise ingrown hairs and razor bumps:

– Change your razor or blade often. If you use an electric razor and shave every 1-2 days, the blade should be replaced at least monthly.

– Be sure to shave in the direction your hair grows. Shaving against the direction of the hair gives a closer shave but also makes ingrown hairs more likely.

– Exfoliate the skin regularly by washing the face with a good facial scrub.

The second step is to fade the dark marks you already have. Skin lightening products work by inhibiting or regulating the production of melanin to even out the skin tone. When choosing a skin lightening product, it is especially important for those with African American to stay away from hydroquinone based products as these can do more damage in the long run. There are a number of hydroquinone-free products that are just as effective at fading dark marks and evening the skin tone.

By following these simple steps to minimise ingrown hairs and razor bumps and then following up with a good skin lightening cream to fade the remaining dark marks skin care for black men becomes simple.

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