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Stay Young Forever With the Power of Your Mind

I worked with an Indian guy for some time and I considered him to be at the same age with me. We shared a lot of things in common and there was no reason for me to believe that he was much older than me. We used to chat with each other after work. Suddenly I started to realize that he was much older than me by listening to his life experiences. I was surprised to find out that he had a 19 years old daughter. How could I believe that he had such an old daughter when he himself seemed to be a guy of his late twenties? 

As our friendship grew closer, he opened a new world to me. A world based on ancient Indian spirituality. He told me that there were hermits living in the Himalayan region who were more than 1000 years old. How can that be? You may ask. The known longest living human being is only 113 years old. The reason is simple. These hermits live in recluse and they do not like publicity. The truth is that you can stop aging, stay young looking forever with the power of your mind. Mind is a powerful tool.   

My Indian friend followed some meditational exercises and other methods to stay young. He was not only be able to stay young but also able to lead an unbelievably healthy life. He claimed that he could not remember the last time he visited a doctor. He also showed some family photo albums to me. To my further surprise, I noticed that during his early young days he was growing old like any other guy. And on some photos he looked like a guy of his mid thirties. But after that he seemed to be going back on age. He told me that it was the time he started to train his mind to stay young.     

You spend a lot of time and money for anti-aging treatments. However, up to now you have only been able to delay the process of aging with those treatments. The reason is simple. You have forgotten one of the most important factors in aging, which is your very own mind. Since then I have been following his advice and the results were unbelievable. So start focusing your mind not on the conventional anti-aging treatments but on your mind.

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