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The Pros and Cons of an Automatic Spray Tan Booth

One of the many advantages of using a spray tan booth is the instant tan effect you can achieve within a few hours after usage. This type of spray tan offers a very precise mist that provides a very even coverage without any imperfections. Unlike a manual airbrush system where a technician is required this spray booth is automated.

The booth combines privacy with warm air that both heats and dries the skin at the same time. This quick method offers coverage from head to toe without any streaks. The main ingredient used is dha. It is actually a colorless sugar that interacts with your dead skin cells and changes the color of your skin depending on the concentration of dha used.

This is totally safe and is approved by the FDA. A great alternative for people that are unable to use the traditional method of uv tanning for some reason or another. The spray tan requires only one session for up to 3-5 shades darker and is great for people with limited time or need a tan for a special occasion. Traditional uv tanning requires multiple sessions and may cost you more for the same results. The sunless method is quick and lasts just as long if maintained properly.

Instant bronzers can be added to the mix to give you an instant tan immediately. The dha usually takes 6-8 hours to activate so by adding this product you don’t have to wait for the full effect. The tan will last about the same time as a traditional tan and fade naturally without any blotches or streaking. Properly maintaining your spray tan will increase its lifespan for up to 7-10 days if exfoliation is done before and moisturizing is maintained afterwards.

Some of the disadvantages of using this spray tan booth is that some people feel claustrophobic. Some people don’t apply the barrier cream to their hands and feet,knees and elbows properly before their session and end up with dark marks in these areas. That’s why you should always follow the instructions before you get started with your session. Another disadvantage is that you cannot go swimming or sweat from exercise at least 8-10 hours after the application. The product needs time to slowly activate and will come off if wet within that period of time required.

Remember that the more time the active spray tan ingredient has to work the better your result will be, so make sure you give it the minimum time required before any activity or shower.

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