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The Simplest Anti Aging Exercise Without Getting Burned

Let me tell you a little known secret that industry experts don’t want you to know, you can slow down aging by doing some simple exercises. Don’t listen to celebrities, you don’t need a hard and difficult workout regime to be healthy and look younger. If fact most athletes die at a young age, they have the shortest life span.

A anti aging exercises should focus on this 10 areas:

Your Metabolic Rate

While you age, you metabolic rate slows down. Some experts or celebrities will tell you that you have to do some time aerobic or complicated exercise, however if you just walk 15 minutes a day, you metabolism will increase dramatically.

Build Muscle Mass

While you age you lose muscle, you need to keep muscle to stay younger. To achieve this you have to exercise with weights. Make repetitions of 10 to 20 times. Each week work each body part once.

One trick to accelerate your results is to eat read meat, it has a lot of protein and this will produce the growth hormone and then you body will make more muscle.

Retain Bone Density

At age 35 the bones start to lose its density, doing some simple exercises such as mountain hiking, weight training or stair stepping will help retain your body mass.

Build your Growth Factor

If you havent made any exercise for a while and you run half an hour, you legs will ache. This means that you body needs growth, its releasing growth hormones and building more muscle. Thats why doing any exercise is really good for anti aging, even a short and intense exercise is great.

Improve your Lung volume

Its important to try to do exercises that use your lungs at their full capacity. With short but intense exercises is enough.

Fat Gain

Is not good to use cardiovascular workout to burn fat, although it increases metabolism, it burns a lot of muscle.

Improve Body Strength

If you want to train for strength, its a different approach than training for muscle mass. In strength training you exercise no more that 5 repetitions.


Its important to stretch from time to time, this will keep you body limber as you age. Some disciplines such as yoga are good for this.

Heart Fitness

fifteen minutes of cardiovascular exercise can increase you cardiac reserve capacity, Swimming and stair stepping are a good example.

Neuromuscular Coordination

If you want to improve the functionality of your brain, exercise. Yoga and Martial arts are good examples.

No I have shown you the most important exercises that you should focus on and improve those areas to slow aging and improve your health quickly.

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