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The Two Main Causes Of Aging – Understanding Why We Get Older

No one likes to look in the mirror, or back through old photo albums, and realize that they are looking more like their grandparents than their children. Aging is a natural part of life, and there isn’t anything you can do to stop the hands of time from ticking.

However, many people are convinced that there are things you can do to keep the signs of aging from showing up as injuries, illnesses, and difficulties related to their health. It’s important to understand the science behind aging causes so that you can be better prepared to make the changes you need to stay looking and feeling young.

To some, it might seem funny to talk about aging causes, as if getting older were a sickness or a disease. Although there’s nothing to be ashamed of about getting older, it’s important to realize that the signs of aging that you notice in your body are in fact merely symptoms of health problems that tend to develop as people move through life.

Scientists have been researching the causes and signs of aging for many years, and it has been discovered that there are some main factors that contribute to an older appearance. Free radicals and methylation are just two of them.

Many people have heard of free radicals, but few are completely certain how they contribute to aging causes. The truth is that free radicals are basically molecules of oxygen produced as a byproduct of normal cell activity. Instead of having all their electrons accounted for, free radicals have an extra electron, meaning that they often join up with other molecules.

This can often slow the function of these essential molecules, and cause damage to DNA or protein cross-linking, both over which contribute to the signs of aging over time. Taking supplements that contain antioxidants is the best way to make sure free radicals don’t get out of control in your body.

Methylation is one of the various chemistry experiments that are constantly going on in your body and is related to aging causes. When the body’s methylation process isn’t occurring properly, it can create many different health problems and has been shown to accelerate the aging process.

Taking supplements that contain the right natural ingredients are the best way to ensure that your body’s methylation process remains balanced. Too much can be just as harmful as too little, and with the right supplement, your levels will ensure protection of your future cells.

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