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Why White Tea is Best For Your Health

For centuries, the Chinese society drinks different types of tea as part of their diet supplements. Not many people aware that white tea can benefits more compare to any other type of tea such as green tea.

White tea comes from leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The leaves are harvested early while very young to obtain the buds that are still covered in very fine silvery white hairs that give white tea its name. The Highest quality is harvested hand picked in the spring time, usually between late March through early April.

The leaves and buds are then gently air dried for a few hours without going through fermentation process as black tea. As it is handling and processing very minimal, white tea retains a high proportion of antioxidants. White tea is rare and might be more expensive than green or black tea.

The highest quality white tea, so called “Silver Needle“, consists exclusively of only undamaged and unopened buds. Other types of white tea incorporate young leaves that are no longer buds with the white silvery hair: Emperor’s White Tea, Noble-Long Life Eyebrow, Tribute Eyebrow, Snow bud, Song Yang, White Peony.

Antioxidant benefit consist in white tea is abundant. Our modern life is exposed to enormous free radicals from air pollution, stress and other sources. Free radicals can do harmful to body and accelerate the aging process as well as damaging tissue that will eventually affecting your organ.

In a stressful modern life, one can easily experience a hypertension which can lead to a more serious health problem such as stroke and other cardiovascular related disease. Many research studies indicate that white tea can soften a thickened blood due to cholesterol and/or free radicals hence smooth the function of the artery.

Other benefit of white tea is to kill bacteria and germs in the mouth to prevent any periodontal and gum diseases. Consuming white tea regularly will strengthen your bone preventing osteoporosis, help fighting modern lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and liver disease.

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