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Why Women Own So Many Different Perfumes

One important part of getting dressed for a woman is putting on her perfume in the morning. This is so vital that if a woman forgot to apply it, she might actually turn the car around and go all the way back home just to put it on.

Most women are not just satisfied with owning one or two bottles of great smelling perfume. On the contrary, many women feel it a necessity to own a tremendous amount of different perfumes. If you were to look into the average woman’s perfume cabinet, you will be amazed at how many different bottles of perfume there are. The reason that women feel it necessary to own so many different brands that bear so many unique smells is because they actually use different perfumes for different occasions. For example, a woman will have a special perfume she wears to work every day. This perfume is usually more casual smelling. It also is probably not the best quality, high line perfume, since it would be too costly to wear such expensive fragrances each day. You would end up needing a lot more bottles each year, and that would accumulate to an enormous sum of money.

Many women have special a special bottle that they use only when going to a wedding. This is generally a better quality, stronger smelling perfume such as Bvlgari Perfume. Other special times a woman would like to use more unique smelling fragrances is when she goes out on a date with her husband, she must attend a special important business meeting, or her own birthday. Also, some women like to have special bottles that they use when they are in a bad mood. They find that somehow the smell of these specific perfumes have a great effect on their mood.

This is the reason many people find success when opening up a perfume business. Wherever there are many women, the business is sure to do well. This is because women are always looking to expand their inventory of perfumes. Selling fragrances is different than selling cars. When a person owns as a car, they are good for a while. But fragrances, on the other hand, is something a woman can never get enough of.

In conclusion, an important point that men should know about women is that perfumes are a very crucial and integral part of a woman’s daily life. A husband must realize this so he understands why his wife goes out and buys another bottle of perfume when she has twenty five bottles sitting in her closet. If he is aware of this point, he is less likely to get frustrated at this habit his wife has. Once he understands this part of her, he might even want to bring a smile to her face by surprising her with new bottles of perfume every once in a while!

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