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Will Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMI) Cure Brain Problems and Increase IQ in The Future?

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a noninvasive method for applying electromagnetic fields to the brain. It is the application through a medical device of a low 0.9 Hertz frequency stimulation by an electromagnetic field to the brain. It requires more than one session. One of the side effects is a tendency to underestimate time. Another side effect may be a slight headache. It is contra-indicated in epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Single sessions of rTMS placed over the temporal or temporoparietal cortex can cure a very short term problem with tinnitus or ringing in your ears. Repeated sessions of rTMS may successfully treat tinnitus, but the treatment is not known to cure tinnitus. The results are variable. It may have more success for those having this problem due to long term effects of drug addiction. This treatment may also be tried for some forms of hearing loss other than those that are noise induced. Hearing loss from medications and diseases may find some help with TMS. Meniere’s Disease could also be helped to some degree with this therapy.

This treatment affects the auditory cortex and may help other problems associated with the auditory cortex including auditory hallucinations, Parkinson’s disease, memory problems in the motor cortex, flashbacks, depression, and trichotillomania. It was tried for major depression and the therapy was used on the patient five times per week and there was successful. It is very hard to treat major depression and this may turn out to be one of the best options. This treatment is noninvasive and causes no pain. The treatment may have results that extend beyond the motor cortex area of the brain.

Some studies indicate that this treatment increases brain plasticity and could have the ability to increase intelligence given the optimal combination of brain nutrients and other alternative therapies. This treatment may be a way to enhance learning and increase memory. TMS could be wonderful for those having memory and learning disabilities connected to Parkinson’s disease, head trauma, brain injuries, ischemia, memory loss due to cardiac problems from low oxygen levels in the brain. These are areas of medicine that very difficult to manage and treat.

It would be very helpful if these patients were given detoxification for heavy metals and pesticides prior to administering the TMS. Oral chelation with formulas available in health food stores and products like rutin, chorella, organic wheat grass, organic barley capsules, aloe, parsley, garlic, and alpha lipoic acid will safely remove toxins over time. It will take approximately six to twelve months to remove most of the toxins found in a middle-aged adult. Saunas can accomplish this with about three to twelve sessions lasting about thirty minutes.

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