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Acne Medication – Is Metrogel Effective?

Do you feel embarrassed to go out and meet your friend because of the zits on your face? Well if you do then you are not the only one. Acne is a skin disease that is characterized by several inflammatory follicular papules and result is blemishes on the skin-especially the face. Acne develops when the pores of your skin gets clogged. Pore clogging occurs mainly due to excess secretion of sebum. The acne can look very unsightly and you have to get rid of them as soon as you can. There are several kinds of acne medication and you can try them out. However, never opt for these medications without consulting your dermatologist. A really good cure against acne rosacea can be provided by Metrogel. Metrogel reviews will vouch for its effectiveness against the pimples.

However, before you read the Metrogel reviews you need to know a bit about the product. Metrogel is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories and you have to use this acne medication once everyday. Its most important ingredient is Metronidazole and it works quite effectively against infections. There is no permanent cure for acne rosacea. Metrogel however, controls the outbreak of acne and gives you a smoother and healthier skin. It also reduces the redness and the lesions that are related to acne rosacae.

Are you wondering how effective an acne medication Metrogel is? The truth is Metrogel is quite effective. If you read the Metrogel reviews you will find out that it contains no alcohol. This means it does not rob your skin of the moisture and does not have any kind of adverse effect on the outer layer of the skin. As its active ingredients are combined in a 92% water based gel, Metrogel will also moisturize and soothe your skin. You will need to apply the gel once daily and the smooth consistency of the gel makes it very easy to apply.

However if your read the Metrogel reviews you will find out it is not without certain side effects. Excessive application of Metronidazole can cause a burning or a stinging sensation in your skin. If you want to avoid this you can opt for other kinds of acne medication. A very common medication for treating pimples is Benzoyl Peroxide. It is an anti bacterial agent and it works by providing oxygen to the clogged skin pores. More oxygen proves fatal to the anaerobic bacteria and Benzoyl Peroxide wipes out the organisms that cause pimples.

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