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Acne Rosacea Pimple

Acne rosacea is not a correct term as experts say. According to dermatologists, acne and rosacea are different. They are both skin disorders but different from each other in many ways. Acne mostly affect teenagers but it can affect people of all ages and especially the people of 30-50 years. These people are mostly fair skinned and can worsen if left untreated. In this case the tiny blood vessels enlarge and become very visible causing a blushing look on the person. This happens mostly on the forehead, chin and lower part of the nose. The common symptoms are redness, burning, red bumps and cysts. Rosacea remains for a long period of time and its symptoms often come and go at its own time. The people who have this chronic skin disease might not realize the problem but the disease can be diagnosed. The causes have been identified as related to genetic factors, gastrointestinal disease, bacteria, a mite in the hair follicles, and medications that enlarges the blood vessels. Consumption of alcohol, stress and eating of spicy food and exposure to sun are also some causes.

There are many treatments available for rosacea. Like acne treatments, the result of rosacea will also depend on the severity and extend of the disease. There is no cure once this problem arises but it can be surely controlled. Rosacea treatment includes applying topical medicines like cleansers, creams, gel, etc on the affected area. These medicines are mostly antibiotics and contain azelaic acid, sodium sulfacetamide, erythroycoin, and clindamycin. These medicines reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria living in the skin. Rosacea treatments also include oral treatment that includes taking of medicines such as tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, amoxicillin, etc. these are also antibiotics and help in removing rosacea.

Another treatment is laser and intense pulsed light. This is an expensive and fast treatment which is also considered safe by many. It treats the redness of the skin and also the visible blood vessels and make the skin clean and improve the texture. Besides these treatments photodynamic therapy and glycolic peels are new treatments and are effective in treating the rosacea in the face. Exposure to sun is very bad for it and therefore proper care should to take to prevent the affected skin from being exposed. Sun hats can be used or else good sunscreen lotions should be used regularly.

Treating rosacea is very easy if proper care is given to it. The skin should be kept clean by using good cleansers. Any person who tend to have the problem should avoid alcohol, spicy food, smoking, hot drinks, exposure to sun without protection, etc. these will prevent the rosacea from becoming worse.

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