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Acne Skin Care – Is Exfoliation Good Or Bad?

Are you wondering if you should be exfoliating if you have oily, acne skin? Is exfoliation beneficial for acne skin sufferers? These are questions many people who have oily, acne skin are asking. Although there are many supporters and critics alike of exfoliation in an acne skin care program and if you are under the care of a doctor or physician, you should follow your doctor’s advice, however we believe that routine exfoliation for acne skin can be really beneficial if it is not overdone.

Here are just a few of the benefits to exfoliation for oily, acne skin:

Benefit # 1: Unclogs the pores

The first benefit of exfoliation is that it unclogs the pores by extracting old dead skin cells from the skin’s outer layer surface which can contribute to clogging pores and cause acne breakouts and blemishes. Exfoliation not only clears away old dead skin cells, but it also removes dirt, oil and debris that may have collected deep within the pores despite daily cleansing efforts.

Benefit # 2: Controls oil

A second benefit of exfoliation is that by unclogging the pores and removing old dead skin cells and dirt, oil and debris, exfoliation can also help control the excess production of oil, the main cause of acne breakouts and blemishes. With the reduction of excess oil production, exfoliation can actually help reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts and blemishes.

Benefit # 3: Improves tone & texture

A third benefit of exfoliation is that it can improve the skin’s overall tone and texture by providing hydration, helping the skin to maintain a moisture pH balance and also conditioning with many exfoliants on the market today containing natural vitamins and antioxidants that result in the skin looking and feeling smoother, softer, and renewed and revitalized.

There are many choices of exfoliation products in the market today and what works best for you will be determined by your skin’s needs and the level of severity of your oily, acne problem. A new growing trend is combination cleansing, toning and exfoliating products that are milder and can be used as part of your daily acne skin care routine. These products are very popular for people who need an effective yet easy and simple skin care routine to fit into their busy lifestyle.

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