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Acne – The Most Common Types

Acne is an inflammatory disease that causes the eruption of inflamed red pimples. It affects the areas of skin with the most population of sebaceous follicles. These parts are the face, the upper chest and the back. The various types of acne are:

Conglubata, which is the most severe and is more common in males.

Fulminans, common in young men is severe since it causes disfiguring scars accompanied by fever and joint aches. It does not respond to antibiotics.

Gram Negative Folliculitous, is characterized by cysts and pustules. It is very rare and occurs in males more than females. Pyoderma Faciale, Occurs only in females between ages of twenty and forty. It is abrupt, especially for women who have never had a case of acne before. It lasts less than a year.

Rosacea and Vulgaris are the most common types. They are more prevalent in women. Although they are not the same, they are often confused with each other. Vulgaris consists of various types of acne. They are:

Whiteheads, which develop faster than blackheads causing a white appearance on the skin. Papules, which are headless bumps which cause severe scarring. Pustules, usually have a white/yellow center. Nodules, large, last longer, are painful and tend to flare up often. Cysts, they are similar to nodules but are usually painful. They are puss-filled and usually scar.

Acne is caused by stress, which results in the overcompensation of oil secretion. The sebaceous glands work overtime. Blackheads, which result from oil (sebum) and dead cells are embedded in pores. They block the pores and mix with bacteria that turn black when exposed to air. Red pimples develop when blackheads become inflamed and they are spread when touched with dirty hands. When a pimple is infected, it develops a whitehead or pustule which can break and cause scarring.

It is also cause by bad cosmetics; bacteria is trapped in the pores and which then become laden with dirt. Acne often ruptures as a way to get rid of this dirt. Hormones cause overreaction of the sebaceous glands which is usually brought on when one undergoes puberty, and pregnancy and menopause in women. The acne causing hormone, androgen, is found in birth control pills. I causes breakouts by blocking the hair follicle.

In this era where beauty is considered very essential, acne can cause great distress and embarrassment, thus prevention is vital during teenage years. Avoid food that has a high fat percentage. Skin hygiene can be incorporated into regular cleaning regimes except that, one should not use strong or harsh soaps or chemicals. This only aggravates the skin to produce twice the amount of oil. Helmets and head gear cover the pores causing the skin to constrict.

Benzoyl peroxide has been used for a long time to treat acne and is found in cosmetics. Omega3 fats which are found mainly in fish, act as an anti inflammatory when ingested. You can also Incorporate of a low glycemic diet which are found in vegetables, sea food and fruit.

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