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An Introduction To Rosacea

Rosacea is a prolonged and non-scarring skin condition, which occurs typically on people’s faces. Statistics show that annually, millions of people around the world are affected by this ailment. Early symptoms include flushing and redness on the center of the face and across the cheeks, nose or forehead. In some cases, the condition might also affect the neck, chest, scalp and ears.

The cause of Rosacea is unknown. Since flushing is a critical part of this condition, most experts and specialists believe that Rosacea occurs when blood vessels are injured by repetitive dilation through stimulus. It is believed that this phenomenon causes the vessels to enlarge in an easy manner and stay open for longer phases. In some cases, these vessels are permanently dilated, consequently causing flushing and redness for long periods of time.

Time and again, this condition has been wrongly identified as adult acne. At times, this is a major concern as it may aggravate the situation. Rosacea conditions differ from person to person and may not deteriorate with time. In most cases a person will experience flushing, which is not related to sweating or being hot.

People suffering from Rosacea may develop visible broken blood vessels on the cheeks. A person may even experience spells of irritation and redness causing small red bumps, also called pustules. As the condition develops, indications such as long-lasting redness, red bumps and burning and stinging sensations may evolve. In some extreme cases, one may develop a bulging nose.

Spicy foods tend to aggravate this condition. To control Rosacea, people should avoid exposure to the sun, cold and wind conditions. Avoiding hot food, drinks and alcohol may also prove beneficial. Workouts and trainings should be conducted in cool settings and care should be taken to avoid dehydration. As Rosacea might differ from person to person, a dermatologist must be consulted before trying any remedy.

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