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Blushing ETS – A Look at ETS As a Blushing Solution

ETS also known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is an operation that is done to help with facial flushing or blushing. ETS has also been used to treat rosacea patients and patients who suffer from anxiety in general. The truth however is that ETS like any surgery can be dangerous and can also have many negative side effects on your body and functions.

Some common side effects of ETS surgery include excessive sweating that then occurs at other places besides the face. Decrease in heart rate, eye pigmentation problems, hemothrax, dry and flaky skin, hair loss, heat intolerance etc. Some of these effects can in fact cause other diseases or problems within the body. Many people have gotten ETS surgery only to regret it later. Many doctors often have surgery as a final resort after all other options have been tested.

Naturally as well an ETS surgeon is not going to in some way veer you away from the surgery, it is his livelihood and career to do these types of surgeries his pay check depends on people doing these surgeries

So critical thinking is very important in diagnosing your problems and how you will deal with them. On the bright side facial blushing is not as severe as many other diseases and illnesses out there. I have personally had severe facial blushing problems for the last 5 years of my life. When I look back at all the hardships I experienced and when I look at the way I overcame this issue. I am glad, glad that I didn’t resort to surgery to solve the problem. There are many other options out there and many great ways to stop blushing once and for all without the use of ETS.

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