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Can Food Cure Your Acne?

Everyone knows the old saying “you are what you eat”, but have you ever thought that maybe you look like what you eat too? All you have to do is look around at the people you see every day to understand what I mean.

Instead of asking if certain foods can cure your acne it might be more important to ask which foods cause you acne. This is an easy one. Take a look at the typical teenager’s diet: lots of fast foods, sodas, sweets, junk foods, candy, chips, dairy, etc. I’ll even venture to say that just about any food that comes in brightly colored packaging may be contributing to acne outbreaks. Highly processed, salty, sugary, oily foods definitely play a large role in how smooth your complexion looks daily.

Whatever you eat that is literally making your body more unclean on the inside is going to cause more outbreaks. If you are a teenager, mixing these junk foods with the hormonal surges taking place in your physiology is like mixing coke and pop rocks. All of the overflow has to go somewhere:

And I’m sorry to say that it’s exiting you through your face.

this may sounds harsh but I’m trying to make a point. how processed are fresh carrots, cucumbers, bananas, celery, brown rice, salads, apples, and green beans compared to how processed doritos and frozen pizzas are? the result of eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a cleansing of your blood and cells, fewer cravings, balanced hormones, a slimmer body, and fresher, cleaner complexion. these foods can literally cure you of acne if you use them to cleanse your system. i urge you to find someone who eats a raw or mostly vegetarian diet – and by that i mean someone who eats mostly fruits and vegetables and whole grains, not just someone who doesn’t eat pepperoni on their pizza. seek out someone with a history of eating well and look at them. the proof will be in their body because what they will look like what they have eaten.

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