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Capricorn and Essential Oils

Capricorn, 10th sign of the zodiac falls approximately between December 22- January 20. Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth element sign meaning they are ambitious, creative initiators with a grounded practical energy. Capricorns are conventional, cerebral, cautious, hard working and reliable. Many people will seek out their Capricorn friends or family because Capricorns are the “rock” they need to lean on during times of melancholy or stress. Most Capricorns have a need for purpose and direction in life. Their ruling planet Saturn in astrology represents structure, boundaries, time, caution and wisdom.

Capricorns do have the habit of taking on too much always needing to be needed and in turn end up depleting themselves of emotional, spiritual and physical energy. I know a few Capricorns who are guilty of this, always worried about security in all forms: financial, emotional and physical, not just for themselves but for others as well. This can be exhausting to anyone on the outside looking in, not to mention the Goat themselves.

Capricorns are goal setters configured with definitive guidelines as they most happy with structure. More often than not, once a goal is reached they will soldier on to higher and better aspirations. The Saturn power helps the Capricorn with discipline, and staying power to achieve goals they set for themselves.

You will find a Capricorn is quite active with hiking, running, cycling… you name it they are involved in it or at least have tried it. With all this movement they may have to tendency to complain about their joints and muscles, which may be easily remedied with essential oil blends.

The Capricorn ego can get on the nerves of others, as they believe their way is the best way, no matter what way it is! What you may not know is that they are often hard on themselves, being a perfectionist who is never satisfied; the Cap needs to remember they also possess a goofy side which needs to be let out once in a while.

The grounding aroma of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil is sweet, heavy, deep and earthy. This oil is very often used in perfumery as a base note. Vetiver is not only often associated with the Capricorn and Saturn planet but also the root chakra, which makes Vetiver a good choice for those who are too airy and need some grounding. Commonly referred to as the Oil of Tranquility, this essential oil is superb for the Capricorn who is burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally. This musty aromatic oil may stir those deep soul secrets, softening those emotional blockages, awakening the Capricorn to recognize they are actually not alone in the world. Vetiver oil has a personality like that of a Capricorn, strong, full of wisdom, healthy self value and integrity. Another great purpose of Vetiver is to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, indeed useful for the active Goat! Just blend 1 drop of Vetiver and 1 drop Pine in a tablespoon of unscented massage oil or lotion and massage into muscle.

The high vibrational energy of Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) will boost any sour mood into sun-drenched joy. The light, clean, fresh aroma engages the psyche with liveliness and an aura of happiness. This uplifting Lemon scent bestows clarity, awareness and direction to those to inhale the aroma. A wonderful olfactory morning treat to help set the tone for the day ahead, just sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor allowing the steam to raise the aroma throughout the shower stall. For those washed-out Capricorns who are emotionally strained and need to lighten up, the lemon’s aromatic bliss can facilitate that vibe.

With Capricorn in wintery months, Pine essential oil (Pinus sylvestris) is a great choice. It has a clean, woody, leafy, aroma which resonate with the months of December and January. Just looking at a Pine tree noticing the straight structured trunk, reminds me of the logical and practical Capricorn. Pine’s aroma and personality encourages direction, self confidence, positivity, patience and strength, assisting the goal oriented Capricorn with their task lists.

Pine essential oil is also known to have stimulating action on circulation, helps with fatigue and makes a great expectorant. The essential oil is produced from distilling the Scotch pine tree needles, cones and branches. For colds, it is best to diffuse in a room with just a few drops in a diffuser, a little goes a long way.

This essential oil is invigorating, awakening the soul inside us, encouraging strength, trust and direction. Pine also blends well with Lemon essential oil creating an energizing, uplifting aroma that is clean and fresh.

Fun fact: Elvis Presley was a Capricorn

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