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Coconut Oil And Other Treatments For Acne – Cheap And Easy Natural Solutions

Consider cheaper, alternative, natural, effective treatment methods to get the best cure for your acne, zit, pimple or blackhead problem. Many people needlessly suffer from acne because of a lack of knowledge or understanding. The problem with most acne treatments and acne products is that not everyone reacts the same way to the same treatment; what worked for one may not work for another.

People of all races and ages have acne. Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne rosacea is a red rash predominantly on the face. Several factors have been suggested that may influence acne including diet, menstruation, sweating, UV radiation, stress, and occupation.

Scientists are trying to find the cause of acne and working on ways to prevent plugs. Acne, zits, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and many other skin disorders are usually, but not always, the result of a bad diet. I think the cause of acne is related to our acidic, inflammatory ‘standard American diet’ (SAD) and that would also influence all of our hormones including stress hormones.

A skin specialist in New York is using the new red light-blue light combination therapy to treat severe cases of acne successfully; ask your skin doctor or dermatologist if he’s familiar with it. No over-the-counter creams can help your acne from the inside out; they can only kill some of the bacteria on your face and help reduce the redness. Treatment with raw apple cider vinegar will work better on your skin if it isn’t already noticeably irritated from acne medicines, acne products or other failed treatment.

Drinking lots of pure, filtered water may be one of the most important things you can do for your acne, working from the inside out. The treatment plan for acne includes trying to heal the pimples, stopping new pimples from forming, preventing scarring and helping reduce embarrassment. When you wash your face use a soft touch, taking care not to rub or scrub your skin.

Most commercial cleansers are harsh on the face and trying to find the right one for you could cost a fortune. Make sure to stay out of the sun if you’re taking any acne medications. Use exercise such as Yoga and Tai Chi to improve blood flow to the skin and support the healing process; it also boosts the condition of your internal organs which allows them to eliminate toxins more effectively.

Coconut oil is one of the best, if not the best, treatments I’ve found for acne. I don’t know if it’ll work for you. Just apply it every night at bedtime and throughout the day if possible. You’ll notice its healing benefits within a few days. Try it on a test area first for a day or two. Try relaxation techniques to reduce stress, including meditation and yoga breathing exercises. Honey is another possible treatment. This is a little messy but you can try making a paste by mixing three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon together and applying the paste on your pimples at bedtime for two weeks, and wash it off each morning; honey has anti-bacterial action – a cheap, natural home remedy.

It’s easy to treat acne cheaply, simply, naturally, yet effectively, at home. It’s always best to seek non-invasive and natural treatment for any skin condition.

The best acne treatment is a diet that will help the body eliminate waste; if you’re eating the standard American diet (SAD) it’ll be reflected in your skin. Adding a lot of fresh, raw fruit to the diet has helped many people clear their skin up; there are tons of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in fruits. When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it’ll send the toxins out through your skin as well as other organs of elimination.

When you change your diet, your lesions should start getting better within a week or two, with significant improvement the first month. To cure yourself of acne, you need to correct the problems going on inside of your body that are causing the acne.

The two most common digestive concerns that affect your skin are not enough water and not enough fiber. Concentrating on a diet, of mostly fruits and vegetables (preferably uncooked), and no junk food, should give you an observable improvement in your skin within 30 days. Eat at least two organic apples a day while working to clear up your skin; apples are good for skin health – organic so you can eat pesticide-free skin (most of the apple pectin is in the skin), which helps with constipation.

Consider taking cod liver oil or fish oil supplements every day. Get plenty of sunshine on your arms and legs; sunshine triggers the production of Vitamin D3 which is essential to having healthy skin.

Analyze all the acne treatments available and make the best decision for you, based on your circumstances. Acne prevention is always a better choice than having to search for the right cure. Naturally you can’t expect to get rid of your acne in just a few days; natural treatments take a little time to work; but if you’re persistent, you’ll get blemish-free skin and won’t experience any dangerous side effects that you find in commercial acne medicines.

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