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Combating Rosacea – Natural Acne Treatments Are the Way to Fight and Combat Rosacea

So, are you a rosacea sufferer and looking for help in combating rosacea? Any non sufferer reading this may well not be able to comprehend what having rosacea is like and the steps that you are willing to take in order to combat rosacea. Or, let us be honest, do many people even know what it is?

For the uninitiated, rosacea is acne by another name. Whilst acne conjures up images of pimples and unsightly pus filled spots, rosacea is characterised by persistent redness, inflammation and lesions. The lesions differ from other acne spots in as much as they do not come to a head. So rosacea is the term given to a specific type of acne within the condition.

The area affected by rosacea is known as the T zone, consisting of the cheeks, nose and forehead. So you can imagine that living with this condition can be very debilitating and can have a deep psychological impact when the symptoms are so visible. It would also make sense that to combat rosacea is of high priority in any way, shape or form in order to get rid of the unsightly external symptoms.

The causes of rosacea as a condition are complex but, the redness, swelling, dryness and accompanying itching as external symptoms are most certainly the bodys way of indicating that all is not well inside and that there is some form of internal imbalance that manifests itself in these external symptoms that needs addressing.

So how to combat rosacea effectively? Good question. The most common over the counter products favoured by the medical profession and used to treat the condition are antibiotics. But, these are only a one dimensional treatment in an aid to clear the visible external skin problems and do not tackle the internal issues that so desperately need to be looked at in order to combat rosacea as a whole.

The drugs also have unwanted side effects that are counterproductive to using them in the first place. What does this mean? The antibiotics not only kill off the bad bacteria that are associated or thought to be a problem with rosacea but, they also kill off the good bacteria that we need and have in our body that maintain the balance within.

So, whilst the antibiotics may have a short term effect, as a long term solution in combating rosacea drugs do not appear to be the answer.

Our body is an amazing thing so, if we can take steps to help our body help itself to combat rosacea, the time and effort will surely be worth the smooth, clear rosacea free skin that will be the ultimate end result.

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