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Cures For Blushing – 3 Most Useful Cures For Facial Blushing

No doubt you have heard that blushing is normal and that we all do it, as true as this may be however if you suffer from excessive blushing I am sure you will agree with me that it can be a very stressful time when you are the only person blushing, and because of this commonality attitude about blushing it can often be hard to find good advice if you need help with it.

Two years ago when I was looking for a cures for blushing I felt frustrated, and deserted by the lack of good advice out there, so I thought I would share my tips and hopefully help others who are frustrated with their excessive facial blushing.

The Most Useful Cures For Blushing

A common cause of excessive facial blushing is low self worth, individuals with low self worth or self esteem will tend to blush a lot more than those with a high self worth. Knowing where it all starts can help determine what the best treatment should be.

Building your self confidence is a good way to treat blushing, as the more confident you are about yourself the less self conscious you will be about your blushing. When you have a blushing attack it happens in your mind first and that is where self confidence grows from. One of the best ways to build your self confidence and plant the seed is to get out of comfort zone and do things you may not normally do.

Start small and do little things and then as you build momentum move on to bigger actions. Just 1% improvement at a time, and watch your self confidence grow.

By building your self confidence it will also prevent you from falling into the vicious cycle all blushers try to avoid. The biggest fear all blushers have is blushing in front of a group of peers and then just when you think you have it under control someone spots it and before you know it you are bright red, almost glowing.

By working on building up your self confidence you will build up your self esteem and will be a lot more in control emotionally especially when faced with situations as I just described.

But if you are like me and you are looking for easier, more efficient cures for blushing then you should look into NLP or neuro-linguistic programming which a controversial approach to psychotherapy that can create in many cases instant change.

The most popular and proven cures for blushing is hypnosis, I am not talking about a doctor waves a clock in front of your face until you fall into a trance. I mean hypnosis audio CD’s where you can listen to at home in your own time.

There are hypnosis cds available these days for almost any condition ranging from ‘quit smoking’ to ‘stop blushing’.

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