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Dermatologists Recommended Machine For IPL Laser Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light IPL Laser Treatment and its Lumenis 1 machine that erases brown spots, red spots, sun spots, aging spots, acne and rosacea. Dermatologists recommended latest photo rejuvenation IPL machine that only takes 20 minutes to diminish freckles, fine lines, wrinkles on the face, neck, hands, chest and arms.

The Machine and a Clinic that uses it:

Hundreds and thousands of patients worldwide need IPL Laser Treatment due to the appearance of tiny red vessels, flushing or dark spots that make you look older than you are and older than you feel.

Practices like Miami Beach Skin Center offer a 4th Generation system for IPL Laser Treatments. The machine used in the system is called Lumenis One that uses photo rejuvenation.

The process:

It’s a process that successfully diminishes the sun damage, age spots, freckles, facial veins and other cosmetic imperfections including rosacea which is a chronic skin disease with symptoms such as redness and swelling usually on the face but can also appear on the neck, ears, back, chest and scalp. Photo rejuvenation is an excellent process for damaged skin. As we age we get sun damage to our skin that appears as brown or red spots. Patients go to clinics to seek pigmentation treatment and its easy to ripple those using photo rejuvenation.

How many treatments:

The Lumenis One works on any pigmented lesion and on any vascular region. Patients will have significant improvement just after 2 to 3 treatments to last for 6 to 12 months. With Lumenis One and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) the photo rejuvenation process can treat the entire face, neck chest, hands or any other area of cosmetic concern.

How it works:

IPL works by shining a broadband of wavelengths of light into the skin. Customize of these wavelengths can be done to selectively target different structures in the skin, for instance a non wanted blood vessel or the pigment in the freckle or age spot, and with the multiple filters and a wide selection of parameters available with the system we can tailor treatment to each individual patients skin type and cosmetic concerns and the beauty of this treatment is that there’s virtually no down time. IPL Laser treatment is usually pain free, some patients compare the sensation to a snap of a rubber band, anesthetic is rarely required. The Lumenis One procedure typically takes about 20 min. During treatment a thin layer of cool gel will be applied to the skin. The smooth chill sapphire crystal of the Lumenis One hand piece will then be touched lightly to your skin as pulses of light are delivered. Occasionally evidence such as redness may last for an hour or two but most patients return to their normal routine immediately after treatment.

Patients that have used other photo rejuvenation machines:

Patients that have used other photo rejuvenation machines in the past find it to be very quick so they feel that they’re in and out and their back to where they need be, they also feel that there’s no discomfort where as in the past with other photo rejuvenation machine they’ve complain of significance amount of pain, swelling and irritation after they had the treatment.

The procedure doesn’t disrupt your day, it was wonderful, not painful, just very minimal discomfort.

Most patients find that their skin can look its best with four or five treatments based about one month apart, The Lumenis One is currently the best IPL Laser Treatment machine in the world, it is able to remove almost all brown spots due to the sun as well as red spots with remarkable results.

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