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Facial Skin Problems – Dealing With Rosacea

One of the most common facial skin problems that increasingly affect adults is the skin condition called rosacea. People suffering from rosacea have blushing or reddening of the face, which is mostly affecting the cheeks, the nose, or the forehead. For less severe cases, it may often be ignored and mistakenly considered as sunburn. In severe cases, it may be accompanied by bumps on the face that makes the skin condition mistakenly identified as acne. You may also find very blood vessels in the face to be very visible. The nose may also become bulbous in severe cases.


Indeed, rosacea can affect you psychologically, emotionally and socially, but like most facial skin problems, there are no exact cures for rosacea. However, there are things that you can do to help you ease the symptoms and prevent the skin condition to worsen.


The factors that are identified to trigger outbreaks of rosacea include the following: emotional stress, exposure to the sun or the wind, exposure to hot or cold weather, alcohol, spicy foods, exercise, skin-care products, hot drinks and hot baths. Different individuals of course can have different triggering factors. Genetic factors are also seen to contribute to your being prone to rosacea, so if you are suffering symptoms of rosacea that may occur every now and then, it is wise to identify which of these factors are causing your flare-ups.


To help you deal with rosacea and other possible facial skin problems, here are some precautionary steps you can do to either avoid the outbreak or prevent existing conditions to worsen.


* Coping with Stress


Stress brings a lot of problems to our health and not just bring about rosacea but other health problems as well as facial skin problems. To avoid stress, you need to eat healthy, have enough sleep and exercise – but moderately, as strenuous exercise can also aggravate the condition. You can try meditation or yoga, and simply doing simple stretching.


* Protecting yourself from extreme weather


 An SPF 15 sunscreen or higher can help you protect your face from harsh effects of the sun or you can avoid exposure to the sun especially at midday and during summer. Aside from sun exposure, the wind, cold weather and humid temperature can cause flare-ups, so you should also avoid that by protecting your face with a scarf during winter season or during windy days. During extreme temperatures, you can also avoid outdoors if possible.


* Choosing your skin-care products


Some individuals having rosacea might resort to covering the skin problems with makeup but it should be noted that some could worsen the skin condition rather than improving it. In choosing your makeup, it is important to choose products that are not perfumed and do not have alcohol, menthol and eucalyptus or clove oil as these can sting and may cause more redness of the face.


* Choosing food and drinks


Avoid spices like pepper and cayenne, which usually triggers symptoms of rosacea. Alcohol can also cause outbreaks, so if you experience flare-ups with even a little alcohol, avoid it.


* Cleaning your face


One thing could be difficult with individuals having facial skin problems is cleaning their faces. If you have an outbreak of rosacea, always clean your face gently. Avoid scrubbing with loofah, sponges and anything that could be harsh to the skin. Also avoid saunas and hot water, as these can aggravate your condition.

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