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Food and Rosacea – Discover How Food Can Affect Your Rosacea Problem

Rasacea is a chronic skin disease that commonly affects most Europeans. It is likely to happen in white skinned people and is sometimes called the “curse of the Celts”. Approximately, about 1 in 25 Americans have Rosacea. It is characterized by the presence of erythema or redness on your cheeks, nose and fore head. The main cause of Rosacea is still undiscovered. However, the symptoms can be reduced significantly if you know the relationship between food and Rosacea.

What is relevance between Food and Rosacea ?

There are many foods that can trigger and make your condition worse. For example, alcohol beverages, chocolate and spicy foods can stimulate your symptoms significantly and cause more redness on your face.

Apart from being a trigger, food can also amazingly relief your Rosacea chronic problem. If you have an inflammation, cold-water fish can also help you to reduce the symptoms. Regularly having cold-water fish many times a week is recommended for sufferers.

Some of Rosacea conditions are caused by deficiency of B vitamins. Having brown rice, oats, whole-grain bread and crackers can be an excellent B vitamins source to stop and relief your condition. Moreover, green leaf vegetables are really good for Rosacea condition because they’re an excellent source of trace minerals.

Proper foods for Rosacea are different for each people. The food that stimulates Rosacea for one person may have no effect to another sufferer. Therefore, you should always take a diary of your daily food to find out the relation between food and Rosacea in your case.

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