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Get Rid of Your Acne Fast and Forever With the Acne Cure Diet

Are you tired of waking up in the morning only to see 14 zits staring back at you in the mirror? I not only sympathize for you, I was there. And it was a lot more than 14 zits that greeted me every morning of my life. No matter what products and creams I bought to fix my face, I still couldn’t get them to go away. I was sick of putting benzoyl peroxide on my acne the first few hours of the morning, just to follow it up with lotion later on because I had dried out my skin. It got to the point where I was getting depressed and feeling pretty low about myself. That’s when I found out about the acne cure diet.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that what you eat has nothing to do with how your face handles those stupid red pustules. But in fact, what you eat actually dictates how your skin reacts, and it can paint a pretty sad picture if all you’re doing is pumping caffeine and sugar into your body.

Even if you’re not overeating the wrong kinds of food, you might not be eating the right kind of food. For instance, you’ve heard that 8 cups of water per day is good for your body on the inside. However, your skin is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this liquid, because water not only rehydrates it, but it purifies it and keeps acne from making a home underneath your epidermis.

So how do you know what the right kinds of foods are that you should be eating each day for an acne cure diet? I struggled with the same question. I would try countless different juices, try cutting out chocolate for a while (which I hated to do), and quit drinking pop, even though I never drink that much to begin with. I saw some results, but not enough. So I decided I’d go for a different, more organized approach.

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