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Getting Rid of Rosacea – What You Need To Know

Rosacea can make you look ugly. That’s the simple truth. It makes you look like you are constantly blushing or even worse. It causes horrible and scary patches of red on your face which can make you shudder when you see yourself in the mirror. It is really important for you to learn how to get rid of rosacea fast.

The annoying thing about Rosacea is that there’s no cure. The actual biochemical causes behind this skin disorder remains elusive, and researchers have only been able to determine its symptoms and find ways of countering them. Approximately 16 million people, in the United States of America, and about 1 out of 20 people in the world, suffer from this disorder and they cannot do anything about it.

However, it pays to know more about the possible causes, symptoms and medications that will naturally get rid of rosacea. This will provide you with the opportunity to better understand this condition and find alternative methods to reduce the perceivable symptoms. Doing so might even reduce the onset of this chronic disorder, as well as irrevocably achieve that well-desired complexion.

Since there is no cure, the best possible means of healing this disorder would be prevention. The causes of rosacea range from genetics, gastrointestinal disease, hair mites, too much sun exposure and consumption of certain medications. Since one of the main symptoms of rosacea is the chronic flares and remissions of red patches on the skin, it is best to be particular about over exposure to the sun, as well as the types of cosmetics and lotions that are being applied to the skin.

Thus, it is best to avoid skin products with alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, salicylic acid and fragrances and just keep the moisturizers and lotions as simple as possible. Natural sunscreens and sun blocks are highly encouraged as well whenever going out, with at least having an SPF of 15 with zinc or titanium dioxide.

Rosacea is not only characterized by facial redness but could also cause bumps and pimples, skin thickening and eye irritation as well. These subtypes cannot be addressed to by natural means. However, there are a number of medications, from antibiotics to surgeries, which cater to these symptoms. Unable to do so might cause further skin inflammation, or make you look like W.C. Fields with his red bulbous nose.

Rosacea is not something that should be derided or repulsed. Everyone has some weakness, but it’s relatively easy to overcome it by simple acceptance. There are a number of popular icons who suffer from this same disorder, from the seductive Mariah Carey to the fierce Cameron Diaz to the elegant beauty, Princess Diana. They may have once cursed at themselves while looking at the mirror, but it never stopped them from stepping up, moving on, and making history.

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