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Help, I Have Rosacea

Today, a lot of people suffer from what they think is acne. It’s similar to acne, but it’s called Rosacea which is a skin condition which makes your face turn red and have a blotchy appearance. Sometimes little white pimples show up and tiny little veins, on your cheeks and nose. It’s a harmless condition, but can be very embarrassing. Currently, there is no known cause or cure. There are medications given by dermatologists, and certain skin care products that can help alleviate this condition.

Rosacea seems to expose itself between the ages of 30 and 50, affecting women more than men. While we don’t know what causes rosacea, we do know that there are certain things we do and certain foods we eat that make the situation worse. Of course, sun exposure is the worst. You definitely need to use a sunscreen and preferably one with aloe to help the inflammation. Try to limit spicy foods and alcohol, as these can trigger an outbreak. Also try to avoid hot water. When you wash your face, use luke warm water.

Your dermatologist will determine if you have rosacea and may prescribe oral medications such as tetracycline or doxycycline, or topical products like metronidazole which is used to treat acne. Some doctors even prescribe acutane or vitamin A creams. These are very drying, but stronger alternatives. Since rosacea is not acne, many of your over the counter acne products may not work. What you need to do is talk to your doctor.

There are great products that your doctor will recommend that can help, but also keep in mind, skin with rosacea is not healthy skin. So while there may not be a cure for rosacea keep a great skin care regimen.

Wash your face morning and night with a good cleansing lotion, then once a day exfoliate. Exfoliation is the key to healthy skin. Doctors may tell you that exfoliating isn’t the best idea and that’s because most of the products on the shelf have scrubby beads in them that can cause more damage when exfoliating. Find an exfoliant that doesn’t contain abrasives.

Finally, applying a great moisturizer. So many people with rosacea often report that their skin is very dry. Moisturizers have ingredients like humectants which moisturize the skin making is soft and supple, while locking the moisture in. Finally, sunscreen. You can either purchase a sunscreen product or a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Now there is even makeup with sunscreen. Many products have water as the first ingredient. Find a product line with aloe as the first ingredient because aloe helps with the inflammation which is a definite problem with rosacea.

If you have rosacea, talk to your doctor and find products that work for you. Get a great cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer and take care of your skin. They may not be able to cure rosacea, but great products will help to make your skin look better, feel better, and have that healthy glow.

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