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Home Remedies For Rosacea – Tips to Cure the Itch and Redness

Having to battle with a skin condition like rosacea isn’t an easy thing. In addition to the noticeable redness, the itchiness can drive a person wild. Most of us who have this very common ailment look to our physician to help us deal with the symptoms. Once you’ve purchased a few costly creams and ointments that don’t work, you may become frustrated. Since most of us are on the look out for cheaper and more natural ways to deal with the problem, there are a few home remedies for rosacea that can give you a great deal of relief from both the redness and the itchy skin.

One of the best home remedies for rosacea is to stay away from the sun. We all know the merits of using sun screen but that alone may not be enough to help protect your rosacea prone skin from the sun’s rays. Many people who have this issue and spend time in the sun, even with a sun screen, find that the redness only increases. If you want to be outdoors on a sunny day, invest in an umbrella to block the rays or sit in an area that is shady. Your skin will thank you for it.

Adjusting your diet may also be on the home remedies for rosacea that works for you. This can be a bit about trial and error but once you discover which foods irritate your skin, you’ll find a lot of improvement in the condition of your rosacea. Some good places to start are with omitting foods like chocolate, caffeine and all spicy foods. Try taking one thing at a time out of your diet for a few days and then gauge the results. This will help you to know which foods you need to avoid.

Giving up hot showers and time in a hot tub are also great methods of helping to calm down the redness and discomfort. Only bathe in lukewarm water and always use a very gentle, non-fragranced cleanser. You’ll also want to stay away from public pools since they have a high concentration of chlorine in them. This is just too harsh for your skin.

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