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How to Cure Urticaria – Banish Hives Forever

Urticaria, more commonly known as hives, can have a serious impact on somebody’s day to day life, so finding out how to cure urticaria is very important.

If you have to endure this condition then you know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be. As a previous urticaria sufferer, I was stunned to learn that up to 25% of people experience break outs on a regular basis. As a result of this high figure, many people claim they know how to cure urticaria.

I feel the best way to cure urticaria is to get to the root of the problem first. But before we look more closely into this it is vital that you understand what exactly urticaria is and what causes it.

Urticaria, also called hives or nettle rash, is characterised by red lumps or welts, often raised above the skin. Varying in size and shape, they are profoundly itchy and in some cases can burn or sting. This condition can be an allergic or non allergic reaction and is caused by the release of histamine in the skin. The skin react’s to the histamine causing swollen dilated vessels, itching, rash and pain. The break out is sudden and can appear on any part of the body with the eruption lasting for minutes, hours or in some cases, even days.

How to cure urticaria may not be as difficult as you think, if you are aware of what causes it;

1. Food – the most common foods that can cause urticaria are; strawberries, fish, nuts, seeds, chocolate, cheese, tomatoes and butter.
2. Strong emotions such as stress or excitement.
3. Medications – antibiotics, paracetamol, aspirin, prescription drugs.
4. Bits and stings – getting bitten by flies, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and wasps can cause a break out.
5. Synthetic products – perfumes, cosmetic products, talcum powder, deodorants and sprays.

When somebody breaks out they tend to stay indoors as much as possible until it gets better. Thankfully there are some home remedies that you can use to help relieve the symptoms and in some cases, eliminate urticaria completely.

Learning how to cure urticaria at home;

1. Water intake – Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water each day, this helps to clear out the body keeping it free from toxins.

2. Replace your morning coffee or tea with a cup of boiling water with a slice of lemon (before any food). Also, include one 60 minutes before each meal. This will go a long way to helping flush out any toxins.

3. Diet – Try and include as much raw foods into your daily diet. Obviously keep note of the foods that cause your hives.

4. Fresh air and sunlight – taking 2 – 3 brisk walks once a week will make a considerable difference to your symptoms.

5. Epsom salt bath – this is a very effective way to treat urticaria. Put 1 kilo of Epsom salts in a bath of warm water (not hot) and immerse yourself for 20 minutes. Do this 3 times per week and you will see a big difference. Do not put any bath oils or soaps in the water.

If you make the effort to include these methods in your regime, you will notice a considerable difference in your symptoms.

As you can see learning how to cure urticaria starts with very basic steps. Find out what works best for you and stick to it.

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