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How to Cure Your Acne Problems – What Acne Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Acne problems have been making a lot of companies rich for many years now. These companies make billions of dollars in revenue making products that claim to cure acne. But the sad truth is that these products are hardly effective. All they do is clean your skin. Another popular treatment is the acne free in 3 days. This takes a new approach. The diet plan claims to clear toxins inside the body which is effective as long as you are in the diet. It is effective but temporary. None can guarantee that they can cure acne.

I was tired of believing false claims so I did research on my own. Under the subject acne diet I struck gold. I found out that the food you eat affects the hormones inside the body. Also, some foods cause imbalances in our body’s hormones. These imbalances are the root of acne problems.

Knowing that, I kept going with my research and one thing always came up. Vegetable oil is a major cause of hormonal imbalance and acne problems. It is hard to believe that such a common thing can cause acne. All of us have been consuming this even without us realizing it. It is in cooking oils, margarine and junk foods.

I changed my diet and watched everything I ate. I avoided foods causing acne especially vegetable oil. In just a couple of days all the acne in my skin was gone. Even the red marks left by acne have slowly disappeared.

For more information about this you can visit Acne Cured online. Jack Vent has set up a website tackling reviews on the best acne cures available. He also shares his experience with acne and how he cleared his skin in a week.

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