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How to Get Rosacea Relief and Feel Better

Across the country there are thousands of adults seeking relief from rosacea. Rosacea is a bacterial infection that looks a lot like acne, but it affects adults starting around the age of 30 or 40. While acne gives you bumps on your face, rosacea has bumps (called papules), redness, spider veins, and can also infect the eyelids. In addition, it can also cause an enlargement of the nose. And unlike acne, you don’t outgrow rosacea. There is no cure, but there are various treatments that can offer rosacea relief.

Just like acne, adopting a healthier lifestyle can offer a significant amount of rosacea relief. Simple steps like eating more fruits and vegetables exercising, and avoiding alcohol and spicy or fatty foods, can help prevent rosacea flare-ups. The most important part of changing your lifestyle is to monitor what events cause your symptoms to worsen. It could be stress, a particular type of skin product, or a certain food. If you know what triggers problems, you should try to avoid those things. Living healthier alone probably won’t stop the problem, but it may help significantly when combined with medications.

While a doctor cannot cure rosacea, they can offer some relief from rosacea through topical antibiotics. With regular application, these medications can get rid of many of the papules from rosacea; however, they do very little for the redness and spider veins that may appear. These symptoms, along with enlargement of the nose, may be successfully treated with laser surgery.

Topical treatments obviously cannot offer relief for when the infection spreads to the eye. In this case, a doctor will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic such as tetracycline. If the infection is severe, you may also be provided eye drops. You should also learn eye hygiene and regularly clean your eyelids with a very mild cleanser.

If you’re looking for natural rosacea relief, try coconut oil. You can take it internally or apply externally to the affected area. You should see improvement in a matter of weeks without having to deal with all the side effects of medical treatments.

While not directly related to rosacea, the symptoms can often cause sufferers to become so upset with the way they look, they become severely depressed. If you are continually upset, have had changes in eating patterns, or don’t like to do things you used to enjoy, you should consult a therapist. The treatments listed may take time to provide rosacea relief.

Don’t get worried if a treatment doesn’t work right away; this doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. You also must remember that these are treatments, not cures. If you stop a treatment that is working, symptoms will likely return with time. Remember to always keep you skin clean and wear sunscreen when you go outside. Hopefully these treatments will help with your rosacea.

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