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IPL Laser Treatment For Younger Skin

IPL laser treatment is a well known technology that gives a lightened, smooth, enhanced and rejuvenated skin not only for the face but for the entire body. It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that provides noticeable results that last for over a long period of time or even for a lifetime. That is why more and more are patronizing this kind of treatment, even the celebrities. According to some research studies, about 89% of which are women and 11% are men.

Initially, IPL laser treatment is not an ordinary treatment. It uses many frequencies of colored lights unlike other laser treatments that uses only one color or wavelength of light. Different wavelengths of lights emitted by flash lamp are proven to be more effective in treating various kind of skin imperfections, leaving the skin younger looking, lighter and smoother complexion.

IPL laser treatments can treat almost all skin irregularities. Vascular birthmarks like hemangiomas and port-wine marks are taken away using IPL. Age spots, freckles, and some hyperpigmentation caused by pregnancy and menopausal stage can be eliminated. Wrinkles, photo-damaged skin and scars because of acne are also diminished.

IPL treatment also helps to remove keloids, hyper tropic scars, warts, psoriasis, certain kind of skin tumors and even chickenpox can be treated. Injured skin may be restored as well. It is best recommended by skin experts for eliminating age spots and redness caused by Rosacea. It also minimizes the large pores just like the photo facial rejuvenation treatment.

IPL laser treatments are done through several sessions. These sessions of treatments are depending on different skin types and conditions. Some skin conditions are severe that needs to be treated for four to eight sessions. Each session have rates ranging from $100 up to $600, taken as of 2009.

It is said that for every medical treatment or medical procedure, there is always an equal reaction and side effects. Normally, the most common post IPL laser treatment effect is having redness and itchiness around the follicle area or also called as the perifollicullitis. This condition normally occurs because of the lights or the flash lamps that are applied to the skin. Sometimes, it last for three to four days after the treatment. The skin that was freshly exposed to laser treatments would become more sensitive to UV rays. Dermatologists recommends that it is important to apply sunscreen protection to the area treated by IPL laser treatment to maintain its younger looking radiant complexion.

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