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Laser Treatment for Acne Problems

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser has become very popular nowadays are looked as a very effective method of treating many problems especially those related to the skin. It is part of the dermatologists’ physical treatments and is a quick solution to any skin problem including acne. Laser treatment for acne is done by specialized people and is not a simple method. Let us see how acnes are treated with laser.

Laser treatment of acne is done by using radiation. This kills the acne causing bacteria from the skin and shrinks the oil producing glands thereby preventing future break outs. There are many treatments available under laser therapy and the right treatment will be chosen for you after careful examination of the acnes in your face or body.

The treatment will start with the application of a special gel on the skin, and then the laser headpiece will be glided over the affected area in a brushing motion. The laser light will come out from the headpiece and penetrate into your skin and treat the acnes. It is important to protect the eyes during the treatment. A proper covering is placed over the eyes so that the light may not harm the eyes.

Laser acne treatments are not painful but there may be feelings of stinging or burning in the skin. To make the process more comfortable, the physicist may use a small dose of topical anesthetic on you. It is important that all sorts of drug taking should be stopped before the treatment starts. It is a very quick treatment and takes very less time that the person being treated may go back to the daily activities after the treatment.

There are some after effects of the treatment but none are serious. The area where the lights penetrated may swell up a bit and may look a bit flushed but this will disappear within hours or days. The person may also have to go for repeated treatment if the treatment doesn’t prove well in the early first treatments. It is very important to apply sunscreen on the area before stepping out and make up can also be applied immediately after the treatment.

The process is fast and there are no side effects. The laser acne treatment can be used by any age group. The disadvantage however is that the treatment is expensive ad therefore cannot be afforded by many.

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