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Laser Treatment For Rosacea – Is it Effective?

Laser treatment for rosacea is a great way to treat the symptoms of the condition. It not only gets rid of the uneven skin tone and blushing, but it rejuvenates the skin so it looks and feels soft. Most people will see a significant improvement on their first visit, with additional improvements and benefits occurring with additional visits. Laser Treatment for rosacea can take years of damage off of the surface of the skin, helping to reverse damage and improve the appearance.

Laser treatment for rosacea will greatly reduce the redness and appearance of blood vessels that are common with rosacea. For people that have “tried it all”, laser treatment for rosacea might be the answer they are looking for. With a new appearance, people that have suffered from rosacea for years can face their day with renewed confidence and a better self-image.

The exact cause for rosacea is not known, making it extremely hard to treat. There are antibiotics, suggested diets and facial regimens that can keep a person guessing and spending unnecessary money and time on products that do not work. Or, in some cases, people that suffer from rosacea have finally found products that work and are able to keep the breakouts down to a minimum, but there is damage from years of having the condition.

When the damage becomes extremely noticeable, people spend additional money on products that will get rid of the damage or provide extra coverage to hide it under make-up. Using laser treatment for rosacea symptoms can be more expensive up front, but there is no guessing or wondering, or even waiting for results. The results are usually evident from the first treatment and in many cases can be considered permanent, depending on the procedure.

While treatments can get expensive, there may be payment plans available and prices can be double-checked to get the best price possible. People that are pursuing this type of treatment should also be aware of practical information, like how much experience a doctor has in doing this procedure, what the side effects are, if any, whether or not personal insurance will cover a cosmetic treatment, how many treatments may be necessary to get the result the person is searching for and what are the necessary precautions to take after the procedure to maintain the health of the skin.

There are a few different lasers that can be used to treat rosacea. The lasers used include the ND:YAG, the KTP laser, the CO2 and the pulsed-dye laser. Many times, patients are concerned with the amount of pain and recovery time for these procedures, but there is only a minor discomfort when the laser is being used, like a slight stinging sensation.

For the people that are tired of throwing good money away, laser treatment for rosacea can be more cost-effective and affordable in the long run. Laser treatment offers a permanent solution that creams and lotions do not usually provide, with lasting results that are apparent every time the person looks in the mirror.

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