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Michael Jackson and His Acne

One of the banes of being a teenager with raging hormones is the appearance of unsightly pimples and acne. This is caused by the increased activity of oil glands on the skin. Acne is produced when pustules or pus is formed on the skin’s pores, ridden with bacteria. Popping and squeezing them might worsen the pimple or acne, because our nails and fingers also carry a lot of germs, which can contaminate the skin. Also, some acne wounds go away by themselves, but still leave a pinch of scar on the skin. Acne scarring is one of the primary skin problems faced by both men and women, and a number dermatological procedures have been performed to remove or minimize acne scarring.

It has been reported recently that the late Michael Jackson, has been suffering from severe acne and scarring, due to his cosmetic surgery. His doctor reported that he has been treating the King of Pop’s famous (or infamous) face, to prepare him for his comeback concert appearance which was due this year. Michael Jackson’s doctor also dispelled rumors that his nose has come off, and that Jackson has been coming to the clinic to get it fixed. However, the doctor confirmed that Jackson has been preoccupied and self-conscious about his nose, due to his past experience of having his family sometimes tease him about how big his nose was. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know how normal it seems that the King of Pop can also have the same acne problems like any other person.

There are now a lot of acne treatment procedures available for the public. One of the most effective and least painful is laser surgery treatment. However, laser surgery treatment is also the most costly. The great thing about it is that the acne scars disappears permanently, and sometimes with only a single procedure. Another form of treatment is making small incisions on the scar and injecting collagen in it. This will allow the skin to expand, tightening it and making it smoother. It is also painful and sometimes would require local anesthesia.

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