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Natural Treatment For Acne – The Real Solution to End Acne, Blackheads and Pimples

Acne is the most common chronic skin disease that is characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Usually, lesions appear on the skin of the face, neck, chest and shoulders. According to studies, about 6 in 10 young people aged between 12-14 years suffer from this disease and it becomes an embarrassing disease once more young people begin to worry about their appearance.

Although is not a dangerous disease, severe acne can become annoying and can disfigure, for example, can lead to permanent severe scars.The most common form is the juvenile one, which affects approximately 80% of teenagers, which is heal by itself only by the age of 19 years, without leaving scars. Other forms is rosacea which is observed mainly in women past the age of 40 years, and neonatal acne, which affects the infant, but should take no longer than a few months.

Also, there are particular forms are:

– Necrotic (forehead area);

– Cheloidiana (the neck area);

– Conglobated (large abscesses with fistulas).

Natural remedies

1. Effective vitamins

Two vitamins are more effective – Vitamin A and vitamin B3.

Treatment with vitamins must include a contribution of 100 mg vitamin B13, 3 times daily, and of vitamin A. It is also recommended the administration of a pill of vitamin E, 400 mg a day. Treatment should be followed for a month.

2. Zinc

In some cases, treatment with zinc against pimples gives radical results. For an effective treatment, the required daily dose is 50 mg zinc, which is administered 3 times per day. The patient has to administer a dose of 50 mg 3 times daily for one month, then depending on the improvements noted by the treating physician may reduce the dose up to 25 mg per day.

3. Orange peel

Orange peel treatment done at home proved to be very effective in treating pimples. For this treatment the orange peel is passed through a grinder, then mixed with little water and applied on acne affected areas.

4. Lemons

One of the simplest remedy is application of the regular lemon juice on the pimples. The slice/juice of lemon it is left on the skin for about one hour to act after which it is rinsed with warm water.

5. Garlic

Due to its antiseptic properties, garlic has long been used in acne treating. Thus, for external use experts recommend patients, raw garlic to rub on the affected areas, because it helps to clean the skin of pimples, spots and abscesses. For internal use, experts recommend eating 3 cloves of garlic per day for one month. It purifies the blood stream.

6. Coriander juice and mint

A teaspoon of coriander juice with mixed turmeric bulbs is another effective remedy in treating pimples and blackheads. This paste is applied every evening, after having first been thoroughly cleaned.

7. Cucumber

Fresh shredded cucumber is applied on the face, eyes and neck areas for 15-20 minutes, after which is removed with warm water. This is an excellent tonic for fat skin which is prone to skin disease and prevents the occurrence of acne, pimples and blackheads.

Special Diet

Diet with Fruit

For starters, for a week you must follow a diet based exclusively on fruit – apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, peaches and pineapple. Also during this period you should drink only unsweetened lemonade.

Balanced diet

After a week in which you have consumed only fruit, now you must introduce in your diet especially fresh products such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, brown rice, millet and sprouted grains.

Avoid tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and processed foods

Meat, sugar, tea, coffee, spices, soda, ice cream, candy, processed foods should be avoided wherever possible by people who suffer from acne.

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